Mike Dunlap: 1-1-3 Man Zone Defense

Mike Dunlap: 1-1-3 Man Zone Defense
Mike Dunlap: 1-1-3 Man Zone Defense
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  • Develop a defensive system that will disrupt any zone offense
  • Make your opponents one dimensional
  • Create tremendous ball pressure that will lead to numerous turnovers
  • Develop verbal cues to help simplify communication with your players
  • See actual game footage of the 1-1-3 defense beating America's top teams
with Mike Dunlap,
former Charlotte Bobcats (NBA) Head Coach;
former Assistant Coach at St. Johns University;
former Metropolitan State College Head Coach;
2x NCAA Division II National Champion (2000, 2002), NABC Division II Coach of the Year (2000, 2002)

Learn the defensive system that moved St. John's from the bottom half the Big East in 2010 (6-12), to the top half in 2011 (12-6)--including a victory against the eventual national champion.

Mike Dunlap is widely known as one of basketball's leading strategists and on-court instructors, and he demonstrates why in this DVD. Coach Dunlap starts out with a "Review and Preview" presentation highlighting coaching tips for successful programs such as chasing ideas and understanding that your team is different every year, competitive spirit, and other great coaching concepts.

Dunlap initiates the defensive instruction in a unique way by showing actual game footage of the 1-1-3 against some of America's top teams. Important elements of this defense are sideline pins, extreme ball pressure, taking advantage of the sideline alleys, denying the high post and elbow, fronting the post, stunting, good rotations, and trapping.

After the game footage, Coach Dunlap goes into drill work on the court to teach the 2-2-1 full court press, which transitions into the 1-1-3 in the half court. He starts with 1-on-1 drills suffocating the basketball, 4-on-2 to teach ball pressure in the full court and converting to 4 O vs 2 D. Then, the team moves into 4-on-5 overload and defensive cutthroat before moving to the whole 1-1-3. Throughout the DVD, he emphasizes individual fundamental skills, including stance, specific hand skills and closeouts.

In order for any defense, zone or man to be successful, all players must move with the pass. Dunlap works this concept during his on court instruction and teaches the players the importance of "Sideline Pinning". The 1-1-3 defense will also help teams conquer basketball's most recent trend, the screen and roll offense.

By focusing on suffocating ball pressure, discipline with positioning, and rebounding intensity, Dunlap delivers the pieces you need to install the 1-1-3 defense--at any level.

This 1-1-3 is used to disrupt a team's offensive patterns and impact their greatest strengths. Coach Dunlap's complete knowledge of the system and his intense teaching style provide coaches with all of the tools necessary help develop this great defense!Produced at the Fall 2011 Omaha (NE) clinic.

98 minutes. 2012.

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