Mike Deane: Inside Out Match-Up Zone

Mike Deane: Inside Out Match-Up Zone
Mike Deane: Inside Out Match-Up Zone
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with Mike Deane,
former Wagner College Head Coach

Coach Deane is well known for his match-up zone defense, learned in his MSU years with legendary Michigan State coach Jud Heathcote. This zone is part of system that begins with a 2-2-1 press that becomes the match-up zone. This concept fits most high school situations with one big man in the middle. While this big man controls the lane, the other four players communicate and adjust using man-to-man principles. In transition, players retreat to the paint and play court defense from the inside out. Deane believes this defense is an advantage because opponents cannot simulate what they will see in the game. Drill work begins with a 3 vs. 2 perimeter drill, which challenges the two defenders to guard the entire perimeter. Key teaching terms are airtime, hand behind, denial, helping, holding, closing and dropping. Deane does an excellent job of instructing players as the ball is moved around the perimeter. This presentation culminates in an aggressive 5-on-5 scrimmage session. This DVD is a comprehensive look at one of the games' best defenses and can help any coach win more games!

84 minutes. 2006.

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