Michigan State Defensive Stunts and Drills 2-Pack

Michigan State Defensive Stunts and Drills 2-Pack
Michigan State Defensive Stunts and Drills 2-Pack
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  • Learn four over fronts that will enable your defense to neutralize any offensive advantage in key situations
  • Discover over 20 drills designed to build an explosive defensive line that will produce tackles for losses, sacks and turnovers

with Pat Narduzzi,
University of Pittsburgh Head Coach;
former Michigan State University Defensive Coordinator; 2010 Big Ten Co-Champions; 2013 Broyles Award winner (Top Assistant Coach in the Nation);
Michigan State Ranked #1 in the Big Ten and #8 nationally in 2012 for Rush Defense

Pat Narduzzi has produced some of the nation's top defenses and has wreaked havoc on the Big Ten the past two seasons. In this excellent DVD, Coach Narduzzi takes you through the Spartan 4-3 Defense and stunts that have made his team and players some of the most successful in the country.

Coach begins by explaining his base alignments and techniques that are used within his 4-3 defense at MSU. Using game footage, coach will go through the assignments of his defenders vs. various offensive formations and the adjustments made in order to keep a balance and effective defense. You'll also see game footage of the Spartan Over G front, base rules, and adjustments.

Coaches will find the simplicity and effectiveness of his approach valuable. He uses stunts from both the call side and rush end to reduce the strength of offenses that like to run off tackle, to their tight end, inside or outside zone.

Pat Narduzzi provides you with an all access look into one of the most successful defenses year in and year out. Implement the Spartan 4-3 and the line movements and adjustments that separate it from the rest.

83 minutes. 2014.

with Ron Burton,
Michigan State University Assistant Coach/Defensive Line,
former defensive line coach at Air Force and Grand Valley State during the Lakers' 2002 NCAA Division II National Championship run, played four years in the NFL

Ron Burton explores the most important aspects of defensive line play. Through years of playing and coaching experience Coach Burton presents various aspects of the defensive line that will make each one of your players successful.

Coach begins with the basics of the defensive line and the importance of being a very disciplined player. He details all of the basics he feels are the most vital for guaranteed success - exploring essential philosophy, stance, and how to get off the ball in an explosive manner.

With over 20 drills, Coach Burton exhibits various progressions between drills and how they are all building together to produce the most complete defensive lineman. Burton shows various techniques in these drills in order to contain and stop the most prolific offenses that are being showcased today at every level of football.

Coach begins with various chute drills to get off the ball explosively when talking about his six point and three point explosion. You'll see in order to get off the ball, utilize quick hands, and escape various blocks. His fit escape drill focuses on teaching players how to get out of negative positions and back into their gaps. Burton also provides a drill designed to help lineman fight through double teams while maintaining gap integrity. As more offenses implement and expand their screen games his half hoop drills is designed to help defensive lineman recover and make plays.

As an extension of his beginning explosion drills, Coach Burton goes through his bridge explosion series to help get off blocks easier and explode trough them to the ball carrier. He continues to demonstrate technique drills for your five technique defensive line players, and then extends to hand escapes in this technique for pass rush.

With practice times being so valuable today, Coach Burton shares his D-Line medley drills in order to adapt to time restrictions. He ends with game footage to show how all of these drills and techniques apply in a game situation.

Coach Burton's presentation will help your defensive line explode this season and wreak havoc upon your opponents. The technical skills and drills displayed are essential and a must have for your collection.

60 minutes

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