Miami Football Series

Miami Football Series
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Product Description

  • Develop speed and agility in your defensive line
  • Great wide receiver drills to use in your football practices and workouts
  • Make good decisions in the pocket
  • Create agile linebackers who make tackles
  • Effectively teach the fundamentals to your defensive backs
with Don Soldinger,
former University of Miami Special Teams Coordinator

Coach Soldinger explains the drills that the University of Miami coaches use to teach the base and spread punt formations. The fundamentals of proper stance and footwork necessary for the punting game are presented, as well as, individual and group drills that cover every aspect from the "contain, compress, corral" method, pursuit angles, vertical sets, pitchfork techniques, set and release, tip drills, line shuffle, and flyers. Even the specifics of directional and pooch punting are reviewed. Soldinger uses overhead diagrams to breaks down the X's and O's of the individual drills. This video is a complete guide to putting all the parts together and building a well-organized punting game.

47 minutes. 2003.
with Greg Mark,
former University of Miami Defensive Line Coach

Coach Mark teaches the football drills he uses to develop the agility, speed, and explosion necessary for a defensive lineman. The essential aspects of dominating the line are explained step-by-step from the ground up. Mark starts with the fundamentals and works up to live blockers, highlighting the keys to each drill. He demonstrates effective low-impact and full-contact drills. He incorporates drills using bags, boards, sleds, chutes, cones, hoops and live blockers that stress getting off the line, explosion, shedding the block, tackling, and creating turnovers. These football drills deal with everything from the moves (speed rush, rip, bull, spin, etc.) needed to counter the offensive line to the reads, stunts, and combinations that improve the whole defensive unit. Mark teaches defensive line drills that promote an attacking, controlling style of defense.

55 minutes. 2003.

with Curtis Johnson, Tulane University Head Coach;
former New Orleans Saints Wide Receivers Coach,
former University of Miami Wide Receiver Coach

Coach Johnson demonstrates wide receiver drills that improve and promote finger dexterity, hand-eye coordination, a lower center of gravity, and proper stance and start. Johnson points out common errors and incorrect techniques while he teaches the proper way to catch the football. This football video covers wide receiver drills for running a hitch, curl, in, out, fade, post, stop & go, fly, streak and comeback routes. These drills stress the important factors of the stance and start by incorporating the receiver's strengths. Johnson uses cone drills to lower the receiver's center of gravity and improve the receiver's ability to maneuver, turn, and change speed. This football DVD teaches how to beat press coverage by using a variety of release moves: stutter step, hard inside, hands, speed-off, hesitation, slam, turn body, and double moves. Film clips demonstrate each move and route to exhibit their effectiveness in game speed. These are great drills to incorporate in wide receiver workouts and football practice.

30 minutes. 2003.

with Dan Werner,
University of South Carolina Quarterbacks Coach,
former University of Miami (3x National Championships) and Ole Miss Offensive Coordinator;
2015 Broyles Award nominee (awarded to the nation's top assistant coach)

Coach Werner, who has tutored Miami Hurricane QB greats like Torretta, Walsh, Erickson, and Dorsey and has experienced coaching at the JHS and HS level as well, teaches everything about the quarterback's job of delivering the football.

He explains the proper lower body position, grip, and throwing motion by demonstrating each phase step-by-step. This quarterback video covers quarterback footwork for the three, five, and big-five drops using the drive, speed, and set-up steps. Werner explains how to effectively fake and use the play action. He also teaches how to read the defense before, during, and after the snap and progressions through those reads to make good decisions.

Game clips are used to enhance the understandin

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