Mega Tennis Drills: Dead Ball Drills

Mega Tennis Drills: Dead Ball Drills
Mega Tennis Drills: Dead Ball Drills
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  • Over 60 dead ball drills in all areas -warm-ups, ground strokes, volleys, overheads, half volleys, lobs, serves, specialty shots and combos, and doubles
  • Includes a large section of corrective techniques for common mistakes in all areas
  • Each drill comes with an expert demonstration, important coaching tips and strategies, and reinforcement of 'why' the drill is done
  • Every coach and team will benefit from this DVD; purposeful, well-explained and full of rich coaching!
with Eric Wammock,
Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center (Hilton Head Island) Head Tennis Professional; USPTA Elite Professional;
Hilton Head Christian Academy Tennis Coach
(State Runner-up '12, State Semifinals '13);
collegiate All-American, former ITF Professional;
at age 21 was the youngest D-I college head coach ever (VCU);
USPTA South Carolina Pro of the Year ('97)

Eric Wammock has taught tennis at all levels for over 25 years; we figure he is closing in on about 75,000 hours of tennis teaching! In this extraordinary DVD, you will get an exclusive 'inside lesson' from Eric on his favorite Dead Ball Drills.

As Wammock explains, Dead Ball Drills are drills ideally suited for beginning or advanced players to reinforce important tennis fundamentals. Wammock demonstrates each drill with precision, adding in teaching points and detailed insight on the purpose of the drill, how to properly teach it and execute it, and then shows what it will look like.

This is the best 'dead ball' drills DVD available anywhere!

108 minutes. 2012.

"I've known Eric Wammock for a lot of years. We worked together at Sea Pines Resort. He certainly knows the game very well. I've seen him on the court teaching ... he's even worked with my kids. Any advice Eric gives will be very helpful to anyone who wants to learn the game!"
- Stan Smith, Hall of Fame tennis player

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