Mega Hitting Drills

Mega Hitting Drills
Mega Hitting Drills
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Product Description

  • 50+ drills that create game-ready mechanics
  • The 11 most common hitting mistakes - with specific drills designed to correct them
  • Vision drills that train the eyes and improve hand-eye coordination
  • The number one slump buster and when to use it
  • The bunt, including sacrifice, drag, squeeze, fake, and slash
  • Nearly six hours of video. A $240 value for only $119.99!
with Dr. Dirk Baker, Worcester State University Head Coach;
Most Wins in WSU History (500+ wins);
2017 MASCAC Tournament Champions (4x regular season Champions/Co-champions + 4x Conference Champions);
6x NCAA Tournament Qualifier

In this 3-video, Mega Hitting video, Dirk Baker covers hitting literally from head to toe, giving you the framework upon which you can build a highly potent offense.

Having coached multiple .500+ collegiate hitters, Coach Baker delivers one of the most detailed hitting videos imaginable, nearly six hours of insights and instruction valuable to hitters at every level — from tee ball to the pros — as well as coaches and players in both baseball and softball.

Heels, hips, hands, head, Coach Baker goes in-depth into every mechanical aspect of hitting, detailing the movements that lead to success. At every step, he includes drills that will train hitters in the most effective hitting actions. He also intersperses valuable insights into the mental keys to hitting, shows how to read pitches, and even includes a live pitching demonstration so you can see the trajectory and movement of the well-thrown 4-seam, 2-seam and curve.

In a special section, Coach Baker covers the most common hitting mistakes, including bat wrap, weight shift problems, feet issues, and much more, showing you exactly what to look for and the drills to correct them. You also receive valuable guidance on how to efficiently set up your batting practice to get the most out of it—while keeping it fun—as well as tips on utilizing effective "buzzwords" that communicate complex concepts quickly and keep your hitters focused.

This video is packed with uniquely effective and fun drills (many suitable for indoors), including bucket-top toss, Ike & Mike, soda can drill, 3 balls on a stick, a wide variety of soft toss and tee drills, as well as drills with Wiffle® balls, tennis balls, Nerf® balls, rolled up paper balls—and more!

Anyone at any level who wants to develop, maintain, and perfect an effective hitting approach will benefit from this one-of-a-kind master-class on hitting.

339 minutes (3 DVDs). 2012.

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