Mega Drills for Breaststroke

Mega Drills for Breaststroke
Mega Drills for Breaststroke
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Product Description

  • Over 25 drills and variations that work on hand speed, proper body position and the timing of the stroke
  • Learn techniques and drills that enhance the feel for water
  • Improve timing and balance while increasing efficiency in the water
  • New and creative drills that will challenge athletes to learn about their stroke through segment awareness
with Coley Stickels,
University of Alabama Head Men's & Women's Swimming & Diving Coach;
former Indiana University Associate Head Sprint Coach - Men's and Women's Swimming;
2018-19 Big Ten Men's and Women's Champions (first time in school history)
former head coach for Canyons Aquatic Club (Santa Clarita, CA) where he helped lead the team to five American records, one world record, six National Age Group records and four national high school records.
Stickels coached World record holder Abbey Weitzeil (Gold & Silver medals - 2016 Rio Olympics)
14x NCAA All American with University of Arizona

Coach Coley Stickels presents ultra creative drills and variations for developing hand speed, proper body position and timing for the breaststroke. At the heart of Stickels drill-based philosophy is that of presenting the athlete with fun, fresh, and challenging drills to help them "etch" a better feel for the critical elements of the stroke.

Stickels' drills center around his key points for swimming efficient breaststroke, including:

  • Quick heels on the kick
  • High hips on the glide phase
  • An exposed lower back as the hands accelerate forward
  • Moving the hands forward quickly
  • Keeping the body low over water (45-degree angle) before transitioning onto a flat and long line

Stickels' drills are creatively intriguing and range from simple to complex. Each of the drills includes detailed instruction to properly execute the drill but, equally important are the focus points presented. Along with identifying common mistakes breaststrokers make, Stickels offers advice for correcting these errors.

Arm Movement
Learn a variety of drills that isolate the outsweep and insweep. This includes movement pattern work combined with feel work, to enhance the kinesthetic awareness for the swimmer. These arm movement awareness drills are executed with a wide range of leg and body position movements.

Leg Movement
Stickels uses the traditional breaststroke kick, single leg and alternating leg kicks along with flutter kicking and dolphin kicking. These leg movements are paired with a wide variety of arm and body movements that heighten body segment awareness.

The breathing movement in breaststroke is key to attaining proper timing for the stroke and attaining an ideal body position. Stickels' strives for his breaststrokers to attain a 45 degree angle at the highest point of the stroke before accelerating into a very flat recovery line with high hips. The drills in this segment feature an array of breathing patterns that allow the swimmer to feel proper head and body positioning for the breath.

The timing of the stroke is perhaps the biggest challenge a breaststroker faces when attempting to perfect the stroke. These drills uniquely train critical phases that enhance proper timing. The timing of the outsweep, insweep, breath, kick and glide is a skill that takes precision and refinement. Stickels' shows how to coach swimmers to be patient, so the can be felt and learned.

Pull Out
Learn pull out drills that combine to breakdown the initial outsweep, insweep, and the critical timing for the arm recovery with the kick and the breakout position for the first initial stroke.

Stickels is a highly creative coach who understands the techniques and nuances of world class swimmers. The drills in this video will greatly benefit all swimmers by enabling them to develop a heightened feel for the stroke and improve their stroke timing.

54 minutes (plus 17 minutes of Individual Medley technique). 2013.

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