Mega Drills for Backstroke

Mega Drills for Backstroke
Mega Drills for Backstroke
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Product Description

  • Over 18 drills and variations that reflect the most current techniques being used by world class backstrokers
  • Learn multi-faceted drills that train multiple segments of the stroke simultaneously
  • Better engage your backstrokers with fun new drills that require thinking and focus!
with Coley Stickels,
University of Alabama Head Men's & Women's Swimming & Diving Coach;
former Indiana University Associate Head Sprint Coach - Men's and Women's Swimming;
2018-19 Big Ten Men's and Women's Champions (first time in school history)
former head coach for Canyons Aquatic Club (Santa Clarita, CA) where he helped lead the team to five American records, one world record, six National Age Group records and four national high school records.
Stickels coached World record holder Abbey Weitzeil (Gold & Silver medals - 2016 Rio Olympics)
14x NCAA All American with University of Arizona

Discover backstroke drills that run the gambit from simple, single focused drills to complex and multi-faceted drills. These drills reflect the most current techniques being used by world class backstrokers. Each drill is explained in detail, demonstrated, and narrated with helpful instructional tips.

Also included are stroke error detection and corrections along with visual cues to watch for that are invaluable in assisting the backstroker to enhance their "feel" for every critical phase of the stroke.

Presented by Coach Coley Stickel's, these drills reflect his core values for the stroke that center around the following key concepts:

  • Maintain a relatively flat backstroke
  • Leading high elbow catch
  • Quick hands through the end phase of the pull
  • Hips in line with the spine

Establishing an advantageous catch position is a major focus in the majority of Stickel's drills. These catch-focused drills begin with simple sculling drills that help develop a keen feel for the catch. Stickels teaches a quick, high elbow catch so that immediate pressure can be applied for propulsion. You will learn drill challenges that combine a variety of arm movements that transition into the catch position.

Stickel's emphasizes a quick hand exit on the end of the pull phase that will allow the swimmer a quicker stroke tempo and avoid getting "stuck" with a deep finish. You will see specific drills for training the quick exit into recovery.

Swimming with the hips in line with the spine will keep unwanted swaying out of the stroke. Stickels introduces drills for creating line awareness that begin with limited arm movement, just focusing on the body position and are followed by engaging the arm and leg motion of the stroke while maintaining line awareness.

The unique Approach Drill is perfect for teaching highly efficient turns. The drill reinforces the deep freestyle-like set up stroke that precedes the crossover stroke into the turn. The drill also heightens flag awareness for the swimmer that will assist in judging the wall.

This presentation is a rapid fire array of backstroke drills that will allow your swimmers to develop a feel for each of the most critical positions for the stroke, while at the same time training stroke fluidity and efficiency.

33 minutes (plus 17 minutes of Individual Medley technique). 2013.

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