Mechanics of a Successful Softball Pitcher

Mechanics of a Successful Softball Pitcher
Mechanics of a Successful Softball Pitcher
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Discover a simple 5-step progression for learning pitching mechanics and game awareness

  • Learn effective ways to create spin and velocity on four critical pitches
  • Improve performance by knowing the goal of each pitch
  • Get strategies for warm-ups that won't wear out your pitcher

with Randy Simkins,
Dixie State University Head Coach;
2014 and 2015 PACWest Coach of The Year, 2015 D-II WCWS runner up, 2014 D-II Third Place; over 300 wins in seven years as head coach (through 2015)

Softball games are won and lost in the circle. A well-trained pitcher will give opponents very few opportunities for success. From mechanics to pitching work-outs, Randy Simkins helps prepare pitchers for success starting with the basic mechanics and spins to throw each pitch, and progresses to challenging workouts to equip pitchers for the stresses they'll encounter in games.

Coach Simkins teaches you the four pitches needed to be successful, as well as how to make them break away from the hitters' bats. He also introduces you to four drills, including a five-step pitching progression, that will get your pitchers ready to take the mound with confidence.

Pitching Mechanics

It's critical to know the basic mechanics of pitching because all pitches work off the same fundamentals. Coach Simkins breaks down and explains the five steps of a complex pitching motion. You'll learn how to set up your feet on the mound to generate power and stay on the power line. Coach Simkins also explains and demonstrates three different arm swing styles that a pitcher can choose from.

Movement Pitches

Learn how to apply the mechanics of pitching into throwing various movement pitches. Coach Simkins takes you through the different types of pitches he teaches his pitchers to throw. These include:

  • Peel Drop - This is the foundation pitch all of Coach Simkins' pitchers use instead of the fastball.
  • Rollover Drop - A more advanced version of the peel drop.
  • Riseball - Coach Simkins transitions from hand rotation to a helpful drill and finally has one of his players put it all together in a full wind-up.
  • Change Up - Coach Simkins gives key points on how to throw an effective change up and the ideal speed to throw it at.

For each pitch, Coach Simkins takes you through the proper grip and release, which are the steps of the motion that make the pitch move. You'll learn a five-step pitching progression to warm-up and perfect each pitch, starting with spins and ending with full mound work.

Pitching Workout for Practice and Pre-game

Great coaches develop a practice plan for their pitchers to help them develop their arsenal. Coach Simkins introduces you to plans that will help you take advantage of your practice time with your pitchers. He also gives you a pre-game warmup that gets your pitchers ready to be their best.

Coaches at all levels will benefit from learning Coach Simkins' skills and drills for pitchers!

"Coach Simkins has done an excellent job of taking the mysticism out of the pitching motion and has made it easier for me to help my pitchers become the best they can be." - Customer Review

41 minutes. 2016.

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