Maximizing Your Talent for Soccer Success

Maximizing Your Talent for Soccer Success
Maximizing Your Talent for Soccer Success
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Product Description

  • Build a smarter, more effective team
  • Develop better passing skills to relieve defensive pressure
  • Control the ball
with Sean Holmes,
Recipient of the 2018 High School 'Coach of Significance' Award (United Soccer Coaches);
Roosevelt HS/Des Moines, IA;
USSF 'A' level license;
former Drake University Head Coach;
2009 Elite Eight of the NCAA Tournament,
2009 Ranked #7 in the nation Scoring Offense

How can you create a successful soccer team with players of varying levels of talent, experience and athletic ability? Sean Holmes gives you an inside look at how to systematically develop your team into a smarter, more effective entity. Holmes delivers a teaching progression that runs from simple to complex that will help maximize your team's potential through individual technique, small group training and full team dynamics.

Disc 1

  • Warm-up Exercises
  • Technical Passing Exercises
  • Possession Exercises

Disc 2

  • 5 vs. 2 Possession
  • 5 vs. 2 Release to Goal
  • 4 vs. 2 Release from Wing
  • Free Play
  • Game Footage


Holmes presents eight cooperative, competitive and team-building warm-up exercises and progressive variations that maximize touches on the ball.

Holmes works his players through five technical passing exercises that have tactical implications, while encouraging his players to "play the way they face" to help relieve defensive pressure. These passing exercises involve receiving one- and two-touch passes from both the ground and in the air while under pressure. Holmes shows you why and how to implement an up-back-through passing pattern.

Use Holmes' game-like possession exercises to reinforce concepts from the previous exercises. As the athletes run through each exercise, Holmes passes along coaching tips on how to maximize practice time, emphasize proper fundamentals, develop game fitness, implement tactical concepts and more.

He explains how to develop leadership in experienced athletes and how to utilize those leaders to dictate team expectations and concepts to the inexperienced athletes on the squad. Holmes teaches you how to study the exercises in order to identify each player's style of play, role on the team and skill level.

You will gain an understanding of why and how to employ variations of these exercises to mold your athletes' roles and styles of play to accentuate team concepts. Holmes distinguishes between technical and tactical errors as they occur during the exercises, showing you how to correct each as they occur.


In disc 2, Holmes presents ways of contextualizing possession exercises to the broader game.

Coach Holmes takes to the whiteboard to illustrate offensive exercises prior to each drill being demonstrated on the field. He emphasizes the importance of small technical details, such as spacing, clean touches, body angle when receiving passes and many more that are crucial to success.

Holmes begins practice with small possession games that transition to offensive attack options. He walks you through a variety of ways to build offensive attacks that begin from the defensive line and the wing areas to take advantage of the up-back-through passing pattern that is drilled extensively throughout the video.

The exercises start small and simple in order to build confidence and understanding in the athletes. As the video continues, the exercises become progressively more difficult and game-like. Finally, Holmes puts all of the concepts together into a full scrimmage.

During the exercises, Holmes works with his athletes to maintain possession through simplicity by playing away from defensive pressure, reducing touches on the ball, circulating the ball from one side of the field to the other, extending their vision, reading the game and acting decisively. Holmes ends

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