Maximizing the Shell Drill for Defensive Success

Maximizing the Shell Drill for Defensive Success
Maximizing the Shell Drill for Defensive Success
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Product Description

  • Get six different variations of the shell drill that allow you to simultaneously work your defense and offense
  • Learn how to customize the shell drill for specific actions and screens
  • Learn how you can use the shell drill to create disadvantageous situations to test your help defense and defensive rotations
  • Learn how to use the shell drill to emphasize communication and transition defense
with Bob Starkey, Texas A & M University Assistant Coach;
former coach at LSU; back-to-back Final Four appearances as acting Head Coach at LSU

Legendary LSU Assistant Coach Bob Starkey gives one of the most effective presentations ever on implementing the shell drill into your practice sessions. Using on-court demonstrations, he shows you how to use the shell drill to teach the basics of your defensive philosophy as well as how to defend certain movements and actions, and adjust offensive tendencies so you can use it to scout opponents.

Coach Starkey demonstrates how to make players think and get away from patterns while using purposeful, meaningful communication. This will help your players become better at guarding your opponent's strengths and learning how to take away what they do best. He discusses and demonstrates six types of shell drill, including:

  • Pitch and penetrate
  • Add cutters
  • Add post player
  • Add two post
  • 6-on-4 baseline rotation
  • 5-on-4 open post low

Using 6v4, 5v4, 4v4, and 5v5 situations, you'll accomplish any goal you set in practice that day. Coach Starkey also demonstrates a 4v4 change drill that creates chaos in practice by simulating game-like actions and teaches players to communicate with each other. Whether it's full-court or half-court, this is a drill that incorporates every offensive action your opponents will throw at you.

Coach Starkey's "Maximizing the Shell Drill" is an all-inclusive presentation that will help every coach improve their defensive pressure.

Produced at the Spring 2014 WBCA Convention in Nashville (TN).

38 minutes. 2014.

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