Maximize the Efficiency of Your Training Sessions

Maximize the Efficiency of Your Training Sessions
Maximize the Efficiency of Your Training Sessions
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Product Description

  • Maximize your athletes' touches on the ball during warm-ups and training
  • Build dynamic stretching exercises between drills to save time and enhance performance
  • Learn exercises to improve the technical aspects of the players game including first touch control, volleying, chest control and heading prowess
  • Integrate physical training exercises into competitive, small-sided games
  • Employ the right type of games and exercises to create a naturally competitive environment
with Alan Kirkup, University of Florida Assistant Coach,
former player for Manchester United FC; over 27 years coaching experience including 18 years as a head coach at the collegiate level (over 200 wins)

Challenge your players' skills and conditioning with these exercises from University of Florida assistant coach Alan Kirkup.

Coach Kirkup is a believer in developing technically sound players. He uses continuous activity drills to keep players engaged while improving their conditioning. In this on-field soccer DVD, Coach Kirkup shows you the types of dynamic training drills and games that can make the difference on game day.

The time demands on today's players make it critical for you to make the most of your training sessions. Kirkup shows you how to integrate multiple drills and games into your practices that will maximize your players' physical and technical abilities. Kirkup clearly demonstrates how to start, build and complete an efficient practice that will push your players to their limits. The drills he presents are simple to set up and can be enjoyed by players at all levels, yet they are so dynamic and challenging that your players won't even know they are improving their conditioning! Key coaching points include:

  • adjusting exercises and training games in order to isolate the right or left foot
  • varying the objectives of exercises and games to train for specific technical needs
  • encouraging players to constantly move in order to keep fitness levels high
  • forcing players to move quickly in preparation for game conditions
  • using training time to maximize both physical and technical skills
Coaches can even use these exercises as pre-game warm ups to help their players get extra touches on the ball.

After demonstrating vigorous and creative drills, Coach Kirkup concludes the DVD with a fast paced, dynamic scoring game that keeps every player involved. Using a small field and short time intervals, you too can use this game to motivate your players to stretch beyond their current technical and physical abilities.

With the proper use of Kirkup's drills and games, your players may not want to leave the training pitch!

57 minutes. 2012.

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