Marv Dunphy's Attack Strategies

Marv Dunphy's Attack Strategies
Marv Dunphy's Attack Strategies
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Product Description

  • Train for a high percentage hit
  • Gain in-depth technical instruction for effective hitting
  • Improve your shot selection with proven strategies
  • Marv Dunphy: Olympic Gold Medal Coach, 4x NCAA Champion
with Marv Dunphy,
Pepperdine University Head Coach,
4x NCAA Champions,
USA National Team Coach and 1988 Olympic Head Coach (Gold Medal)

How often do you have the opportunity to learn hitting techniques from an Olympic Gold Medalist? Now's your chance! Legendary coach Marv Dunphy -- coach of the 1988 USA Men's Vollebyall Gold Medal Team -- shows you effective methods for improving your team's hitting.

Coach Dunphy begins with his 4-step attacking footwork cadence and teaching tips for working with the goofy foot attacker. Dunphy shows how to alleviate many of the technical difficulties with hitting by sharing tips to improve approach footwork and attack angles. These modifications will allow your players to see the full court, frame the ball and see what the block is doing.

Switching from footwork drills to arm drills, Dunphy concentrates on proper arm movement. He details specific arm sequences (forward and back, together and up), three arm segments for a technically sound contact and information for arm-healthy hitting. You will see common mistakes with the arm movement and learn what to look for and how to correct errant arm movements.

Dunphy discusses rules for shot selection and includes strategies for hitting high, into the hands of the potential block and not into the arms. He offers strategies for specific hitting situations from various locations on the court with varying challenges from the set. Dunphy demonstrates drills to train high hitting followed by rally games for attacking situations. Throughout these games, Dunphy offers constant instruction and insights to all aspects of hitting.

Coach Dunphy is one of the sports finest coaches and technicians making this a must have DVD for your volleyball coaching library!

54 minutes. 2010.

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