Mark Richt: The Shallow Cross Passing System

Mark Richt: The Shallow Cross Passing System
Mark Richt: The Shallow Cross Passing System
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Product Description

  • Increase the success rate of your passing game with minimal installation time
  • Send the maximum number of receivers out and still account for the pass rush
  • Use this versatile route concept to teach your quarterback how to identify hot routes and respond to multiple coverages
  • A great system to use if your offensive line is inferior to the defensive front it is facing
with Mark Richt, University of Miami Head Coach;
former University of Georgia Head Coach; 2x SEC Champions; 5x SEC Eastern Division Champs (2012, 2011, 2005, 2003 & 2002)

If you are looking for a simple, but highly effective three-step passing package, you will find everything you need with the Shallow Cross concept. The Shallow Cross is an easy way to get the ball in your playmakers hands, and is a simple concept for quarterbacks of any skill set to run..

In this easy-to-understand lecture format, Mark Richt explains pass protection, route running, hot routes, coverage beaters, quarterback footwork and read progression that correlate with this high-percentage passing attack. He explains the nuances of the different routes, including commonly-made errors and what is needed to increase the likelihood of success when running the concept.

Coach Richt draws the play out using and overhead so coaches can see how he installs the shallow, choice, and flat combination routes. These interchangeable combination routes can be easily run from a variety of formations creating problems for the defense. Reading progression is explained so coaches can teach their quarterbacks which route to look at first, second and third. Explanations of how and when running backs should run an arrow route versus a flare from the backfield are covered. In addition, he breaks down each position within the system, and talks about his system against defenses as well as what to do to counter ever changing defenses

The Shallow Passing concept can look complicated, but when broken down into its route combinations it can be very simple to install. Coach Richt's vast experience as a college quarterback and a quarterback coach allows him to break each concept down into manageable parts. You will find his explanations easy to teach and deploy with your team.

Produced at the 2013 Orlando (FL) Nike Coach of the Year Clinic

68 minutes. 2013.

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