Mark Perry Coaching Wrestling 2-Pack

Mark Perry Coaching Wrestling 2-Pack
Mark Perry Coaching Wrestling 2-Pack
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  • Discover an effective system of ties for wrestlers who struggle with hand-fighting
  • Turn even the toughest opponents with physical one- and two-leg rides

with Mark Perry, Hawkeye Wrestling Club Coach;
former University of Illinois Associate Head Coach;
2013 Amateur Wrestling News Division I Assistant Coach of the Year;
wrestled at the University of Iowa - was a 2x NCAA Champion, 4x All American, the 2005 NWCA Rookie of the Year, team captain from 2005-08;
in 2007, won the Big Ten title and the Gorrarian Trophy at the 2007 NCAA Tournament;
helped lead the Hawkeyes to an NCAA team National Championship in 2008

The international wrestling scene has been dominated in recent years by wrestlers from Russia and Iran. Iran especially has exploded onto the scene, winning the 2012-2015 World Cups and the 2013 World Championship in freestyle wrestling.

While they traditionally wrestled in a more relaxed, defensive style, they have experienced most of their recent success after switching to an aggressive, attacking style centered around getting to the underhook.

In spite of their success, the techniques used by wrestlers from Iran and Russia are poorly understood in the United States.

Illinois Associate Head Coach Mark Perry has extensively studied the techniques of the Iranian and Russian wrestlers, and demonstrates how to effectively use them in collegiate and scholastic wrestling. These techniques are innovative and fundamentally sound. And, if mastered, can change the way wrestlers compete and how they think about match situations.

Iranian Underhook Series

The Iranian Series evolved from an underhook, but has slight variations from that which is used in the United States. Coach Perry details the Iranian approach of staying low, keeping the head on the opposite side, and applying heavy pressure. These variations are what help to make this series effective and hard to defend. In this series, you will learn how to:

  • Set your opponent up
  • Dictate your opponent's movements and reactions
  • Disguise your set ups and moves
  • Pressure your opponent into making mistakes

Coach Perry spends extra time showing how exactly to posture and control in this highly technical position. In nearly every situation, Coach Perry demonstrates an attack that will be nearly impossible for your opponent to stop. While primarily looking to attack a knee pull or snatch single, he also demonstrates options to hit a throw-by or a snap down.

Opposite Side Attacks

In order to be successful at the highest levels, wrestlers need to be able to attack both sides of the body from every position. The Iranian underhook series is no different. Coach Perry demonstrates how to attack the far side of the body with a high-crotch, a double, or a drag, when the opponent looks to re-pummel an underhook.

The Iranians hit some of the most explosive high crotch and double legs attacks. Coach Perry shows how this is not about being explosive but about their set up and positioning. He works through a variety of drills with his wrestlers, showing how to acquire the sensitivity to the opponent's weight distribution and timing that is required to utilize these attacks.

Russian 2-on-1 Series

For decades, the Russians have been successful using a 2-on-1 control to win world championships. Coach Perry shows the latest innovations from Russian wrestlers in attacking with the 2-on-1. This series, like its Iranian counterpart, relies on deception and anticipation of your opponent's reaction. Your moves will be based on that reaction. He starts with the traditional use of the position, and then demonstrates the subtle adjustment the Russians have been using to make the position more powerful and controlling.

Coach Perry demonstrates a set-up to a knee pull that negates the most common and effective defenses to the 2-on-1. To complement the knee pull attack, he demonstrates an ankle pick on the far side of the body. Finally, he shows an unorthodox outside-step fireman's that has the po

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