Man-up Situation Drills, Escaping Double Teams & Principles of Running a Motion Offense

Man-up Situation Drills, Escaping Double Teams & Principles of Running a Motion Offense
Man-up Situation Drills, Escaping Double Teams & Principles of Running a Motion Offense
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Product Description

Learn team offensive strategies with game-like movement drills!

  • Learn to get your players comfortable with offensive movements through a set of progressive drills emphasizing ball control and off-ball support movement
  • Walk through drill progressions for man-up situations and attack motions to beat settled and unsettled defenses with composure
  • Create the foundation for a motion offense while using build-up drills to get players comfortable with individual and team movements

with Jen Muston,
York College Head Women's Coach; 2x Capital Athletic Conference Coach of the Year

Jen Muston has created a video to demonstrate how you can utilize specific offensive drills to teach your players how to be comfortable with game-like movements. She provides a building block approach to developing team offense by using small groups and a variety of extra-attacker situations to develop not only team offensive concepts, but the ball movement and off-ball play necessary to turn offensive concepts into weapons.

Coach Muston breaks down the instruction into three parts. The first part is focused on man-up situation drills. The second part is focused on what Coach Muston calls "Lead in Drills," which are designed to work on the principles of a motion offense. The final part is focused on doubles and how to work your way out of a double as an offensive player. Throughout the instruction, Coach Muston stresses footwork, stick skills, body position, communication, and game awareness.

Lead in Drills

Coach Muston's numeric "Lead in Drills" are helpful additions for any practice planning. In these drills, the offense simulates off-ball two person games, as well as rotations to help free up players and position the offense to attack the backside of the defense where it is weakest. There are many coaching opportunities within this drill that can be leveraged. Proper technique with picks, anticipating timing of ball movement, and feeding while moving the players' feet are all applicable elements of this easy-to-implement, but highly effective game-like drill.

Beating and Attacking Double Teams

The final section of the video deals with how to overcome, adapt to, and attack defensive double-teams, beginning with small sided drills and ending with 7v7 play. Coach Muston emphasizes both the role of the ball-handler, and off-ball play to demonstrate how to overcome double teams as a team, and create scoring opportunities off of defensive double-teams.

Coach Muston breaks down her drills so you have everything you need to focus on your team's offensive skills in a progressive drill format. This video will help any coach looking to build and run a motion offense and support its implementation through practical drills.

41 minutes. 2017.

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