Man-to-Man Defensive Fundamentals: A Foundation For Success

Man-to-Man Defensive Fundamentals: A Foundation For Success
Man-to-Man Defensive Fundamentals: A Foundation For Success
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Get progressive drills for teaching players to contain penetration, guard in transition and defend the pick & roll
  • Discover a new spin on the conventional "zig-zag" and "step - slide" movements that enables players to defend and recover more quickly
  • Learn an innovative defensive concept - "the battle of the shoulders" - that reinforces balance while playing defense
  • Shorten defensive closeouts using proper court alignment to enable players to pressure the ball more quickly
with Roy Rana,
Sacramento Kings (NBA) Assistant Coach;
former Ryerson University Head Coach;
led Ryerson to the Bronze Medal at the 2015 CIS national championship and Silver in 2017;
Canadian High School Coach of the Year (2003, 2004, 2006);
Toronto Sun High School Coach of the Year (2003);
High School Coach of the Year in Canada Award (2009);
OUA Wilson Cup Champion (2015-16, 2016-17);
Silver Medalist U Sports Final 8 (2017, 2018);
Nike Hoop Summit Title - World Selects Team (2012, 2013);
2017 U19 Canadian Men's Basketball Team Head Coach (Gold medal - 2017, Egypt)

Defense is a key element to any successful program. Being able to shut your opponent's best scoring option down through individual and team defense is crucial. During the 2014-15 season, Roy Rana led his team to the most victories in a single season by shutting down opponents in transition, stopping the pick & roll and by building fundamental individual defenders. In 2017, Rana became the first coach to guide Canada to a gold medal at a basketball World Championship, when the Rana-coached U19 squad won the FIBA World Cup U19 World Championship in Egypt. In this excellent video, Rana guides you through his philosophy and drills, which subsequently led to one of the best seasons in Ryerson University basketball history.

Individual Defense Fundamentals

Coach Rana provides techniques, terminology and demonstrations on how to guard three important aspects of today's game. By building up your team's individual defense, you can stop easy baskets in transition, guard dribble penetration and defend any pick & roll situation. Coach Rana shows three 1v1 drills that teach proper footwork in the stance and closeout, along with how to turn players in both the half and full court. He then takes 1v2 situations and builds to 3v3 defending in the half court with no paint touches. You will see how to stunt, recover and work your help side defense to take away your opponent's ability to dribble penetrate.

Transition Defense

Using a five-man shell, Coach Rana takes a disadvantage situation (5v3 full court) and shows how players can buy time for help to get back. Defensively, players are taught three key elements in transition: guard basket, guard ball and guard first pass. Your players will learn to communicate and stop their opponents at half court to allow their teammates to get back and defend.

Pick and Roll Defense

Coach Rana demonstrates how to ice a team's ball screen and maintain good help side defense. Your players will learn to defend multiple actions, such as a ball screen, dribble hand-off and skip pass in 4v4 shell.

Late Game Special Defensive Situations

If you can perfect defending special late game scenarios, you can increase your chances of winning games. From eight seconds on the clock to a sideline out of bounds set with three seconds or less, your players will learn the basic fundamentals of protecting the basket late in the game.

Coach Rana is an outstanding teacher that pays attention to detail and organization. It's easy to see why he was so successful at Ryerson University using a smothering defense in both the half court and full court (and why he he is now on the sidelines of the NBA)!

78 minutes. 2016.

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