Man Down Defense: A Catalog of Drills

Man Down Defense: A Catalog of Drills
Man Down Defense: A Catalog of Drills
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  • Learn how to install a man down defense in your program
  • Prepare your players for pressure-filled game situations
  • Ensure solid communication between all of your players
with Lars Tiffany,
University of Virginia Head Coach;
2019 NCAA Champions;
former Brown University Head Men's Lacrosse Coach; 2016 NCAA DI Final Four;
3x Ivy League Champions; 2015 Ivy League Coach of the Year;
Iroquois Nationals Assistant Coach; 2018 Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) Men's World Championship (Bronze medal)

Coach Tiffany presents a step-by-step development of the fundamentals of man down defense. He begins with a discussion on personnel. A decision must be made between the best defenders and a specialty unit. Players must be intelligent and have a good stick. Man down defense relies on anticipation of skip lanes and the ability to knock down passes and shots. Tiffany has created a catalog of drills that can help identify and improve the personnel for man down defense. The 2 v 1 knock down drill works on the drop step technique and the 4 v 2 drill puts two defenders in an urgent situation and requires communication and changing positions. The 5 v 3 drill addresses the skip lanes. A series of drills get progressively more challenging for advanced players. A drill to develop offense and man down defensive technique is the 3v2/4v3/5v4 drill. A section on terminology is important to define all-important verbal calls in lacrosse. Man down schemes used against the 3-3 offense include the center string, the diamond, 4v3 up top and 3v2 up top. Defending the 1-3-2 offensive, Tiffany diagrams on the white board using both 5 man and 4 man schemes. He then takes to the field to demonstrate many of the drills and schemes. Game clips of the man down defense show the system in action.

105 minutes. 2008.

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