Making Optimal Progress in Small Group or Individual Training Sessions

Making Optimal Progress in Small Group or Individual Training Sessions
Making Optimal Progress in Small Group or Individual Training Sessions
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Product Description

  • Improve your athletes' volleyball skills in small groups or in individual training
  • Teach quick, precise movements in reaction to the ball
  • Optimize the accuracy and control of your passes
  • Learn a warm-up routine that prevents injury and keeps athletes in top form
with Ping Cao,
coach/Trainer for Texas Advantage Volleyball;
former member of the Chinese National Team and was the Top Hitter in the world.

Get ready to improve your volleyball IQ! Using live demonstration at the 2011 AVCA Convention, Ping Cao presents the fundamentals of warm up, setting, passing, and both serve-receive and defensive positioning. Coach Cao breaks down each component to the very basics and gives attention to every detail of each skill.

Areas of instruction include:

  • Passing: Ready position, platform and shoulder angles
  • Setting: Footwork, hand position, and follow-through
  • Serve-Receive: Body position and relaxed, focused movement
  • Defense: Easy, controlled movement and patience
As he makes corrections with his demonstrators, numerous coaching points are presented and explained. No detail is overlooked. You will learn the reasons behind why we do things the way we do, and why balance and technique is so important:

Minimize wasted movements in passing and digging to quickly reach every ball. Properly use your whole body (feet, legs, torso and hands) to improve ball handling while making overhead passes which leads to more accurate digs and sets.Watch your players with a critical eye for proper movement that will improve your players' ball handling form and provide greater control of passes and digs.

Beginning coaches will find the assortment of drills presented beneficial in planning practices and instructing their teams.

Ping will inspire you to push your athletes to perfect their technique - and make sure to keep everything in balance.

58 minutes. 2012.

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