Loren Hibbs: How to Run an Efficient, High-Energy Baseball Practice

Loren Hibbs: How to Run an Efficient, High-Energy Baseball Practice
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Run an efficient and fast-paced baseball practice to get more accomplished in less time!

  • Discover how Coach Hibbs manufactures more runs using aggressive baserunning
  • See how to incorporate multiple positions and drills on the field at the same time
  • Use batting practice to build your players' confidence for bunting and situational hitting

with Loren Hibbs,
UNC Charlotte Head Coach;
25 seasons as head coach at UNC Charlotte; averaged more than 30 wins per season in his career;
7x regular season conference champs, 4x conference tournament titles;
5x NCAA Tournament appearances; has coached 14 MLB players;
A-10 Coach of the Year (2007); C-USA Coach of the Year (1998);
2018 Inductee into the Kansas Baseball Hall of Fame;
was an Assistant Coach at Wichita State (where he played) when they won the College World Series (1989)

If your team practices tend to drag or you feel like you don't have enough time to get all that you want accomplished, college coaching veteran Loren Hibbs provides everything you need to get things back on track. In this video, you'll learn how to run an efficient and high-energy practice that covers all facets of the game, including baserunning, individual defensive work, team defense, and batting practice.


Score more runs by teaching your baserunners how to be smart and aggressive on the base paths. Coach Hibbs introduces a baserunning routine that is highly efficient and highly effective. You'll see how to work on turns to go to the next base, primary and secondary leads, and steals.

Individual and Team Defense

Hibbs shows how to set up your field to run multiple drills at the same time. Maximize your time and space by having different groups of infielders working drills with the pitchers, while other groups work with the catchers and the outfield. Get more done in less time!

Next, Hibbs shows how to bring your whole team together to cover defensive situations that require great communication and teamwork. He shows bunt defense within the video, but explains that he can plug in any number of drills to this part of practice, including fly ball communication, cuts and relays, or game situations.

Batting Practice

Batting practice is a staple of most team practices. Coach Hibbs gives you the rounds he uses with his batters to develop hitters who can drive the ball to the whole field. Additionally, he explains why hitters should execute different types of bunts during their rounds since this unique skill will eventually be needed in a tight contest when the fate of the game is on the line. At the same time that your offense is getting reps in the cage, your defense can work on live balls off the bat, which is vital to develop good defenders.

Coach Hibbs showcases over 20 drills that will help you run an extremely productive and quick-tempo practice. If you want to get more field work done in less time, this video shows you exactly how to do it!

120 minutes. 2018.

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