Logan Stieber - Takedowns

Logan Stieber - Takedowns
Logan Stieber - Takedowns
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  • Improve your Wrestling coaching!
  • Learn from Logan Stieber!
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  • Learn from the best, to become your best!
with Logan Stieber,
member of the 2018 US Men's Freestyle World Cup Team (65 kg) - 2018 UWW World Cup Champions;
2016 World Champion; 4x National Champion & Dan Hodge Trophy Winner;
4x OHSAA Division III State Wrestling Champion (303-4 HS & College record)

Logan Stieber shows you takedown techniques he uses to dominate his opponents. He goes into detail to show his set-ups and finishes for his head inside single. Logan also shows how to go for a pin off the takedown. A must for champion wrestlers!

38 minutes. 2015.

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