Locked In: Competitive Team Practice Drills

Locked In: Competitive Team Practice Drills
Locked In: Competitive Team Practice Drills
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Product Description

  • Get your team "locked in" on game situations with these four competitive practice drills
  • Keep all of your players engaged in practice while working on multiple aspects of the game simultaneously
  • Incorporate game-like pressure and performance demands into your drills
  • Combine base running drills and hitting drills into one competitive game that has specific focuses
with Marc Rardin, Iowa Western Community College Head Coach;
2014 NJCAA Division I National Champions (third championship in five years (2010-14);
3x NJCAA D-I World Series National Champion /8x World Series Participant;
2010 and 2012 National Coach of the Year; averaged 46 wins over 10 seasons as head coach

Marc Rardin has developed a practice approach that delivers results to the tune of two National Championships and seven Junior College World Series appearances in 10 years. Coach Rardin reveals four competitive drills he uses to get his entire team locked in on game situations.

These drills develop players who are reactionary in game situations instead of robots who go through the motions and make mistakes when the game is on the line.

In this DVD you will see:

  • Point Game - The object of this game is to get as many points as possible by advancing baserunners. It trains heads-up base running, hitting in different situations, fielding at every position, making plays at all bases, sliding, tags, and realistic pitcher fielding practice - all while playing under game-time pressure. The DVD includes a PDF with the rules of the game and a score sheet.
  • Reiver Batting Practice - The team is divided into three groups - offense, base running, and defense. This batting practice is set up the traditional way, but the caveat is that some balls are live and all three groups must compete as cohesive unit and learn the different situations of the game.
  • Bunting Game - Set up the same way as the batting practice segment, the offensive team must execute the correct bunt, the base running groups must see the ball down and react, and the defense must handle the ball correctly and get outs.
  • Pre-Game Batting Practice - Coach Rardin breaks his team into four groups, and like the Reiver batting practice, everything is scripted. The offensive team will take swings and work on bunting. The base running groups are working on leads and the defensive group with a pitcher is working on different defensive situations.

Coach Rardin provides detailed explanations with practice examples that are voiced over allowing the viewer to see and hear what the drill looks like and what it is designed to accomplish. The drills can be run with a full coaching staff or a staff of one and they allow coaches to control the pace of the drill and practice.

The drills in the DVD will have a positive impact in any program, in any system, at any level from youth to college. Train your team for every play, and prepare them to dominate in competition with this excellent video.

95 minutes. 2013.

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