Linebacker Play in a Hybrid 3-4 HAVOC Defense

Linebacker Play in a Hybrid 3-4 HAVOC Defense
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Learn how to create Havoc in the 3-4 defense with your outside linebackers!

  • Teach the "Read" stance as well as the "Speed" stance and when to use them
  • Attack blocks at the line of scrimmage with the three E's: Explode, Extend, and Escape
  • Develop a hand combat arsenal to get to the quarterback and create pressure on the passing game

with BJ Campbell,
Montana Tech Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers Coach;
back-to-back Frontier Conference Champions (2015-16)

Under Coach Campbell's direction, the Montana Tech Defense finished in the top 25 in the nation in eight categories in 2016, including 11th in scoring defense, holding opponents to 19.2 points per game. This followed a 2015 season in which his defense finished in the top 25 nationally in seven categories. He has guided at least one linebacker to All-Conference honors in each of his six seasons as coach.

The Havoc 3-4 defense is designed to bring pressure by stemming and disguising where it's coming from. BJ Campbell explains his philosophy of creating a disruptive defense that focuses on creating negative plays and turnovers. He discusses four different types of plays the outside linebacker must master: line of scrimmage plays, box plays, space plays, and blitz and pressure plays. Alignment, rules and pursuit angles are shown for each.

Campbell goes into detail about his teaching progression, and specifically, focuses on how to teach linebacker play from a standpoint of what the linebackers are asked to do in the hybrid 3-4 defense.

Keys, Reads, Footwork and Block Destruction

Using game footage, Campbell explains and illustrates the various reads, keys, footwork, and block destruction techniques that he teaches to his linebackers. You'll learn:

  • Specific reads and run fits in the hybrid 3-4 defense against a variety of offensive schemes, including popular spread offense concepts.
  • Several techniques for defeating blocks, including a long-arm technique and a splatter technique that is becoming popular among.
  • defensive coaches across the country.
  • Block destruction techniques that are effective with inside linebackers, including the rip and post.

Blitz and Pressure

Campbell shares his coaching points for teaching players to blitz and pressure. He shares coaching points for teaching both edge rushers as well as interior blitzers. You'll see how to teach stance, aiming point, get off, and keys for the edge rusher. Additionally, Campbell explains how to coach interior rushers on aiming points and how to time the get-off in the blitz.

Hand Combat Arsenal

Most players will get a sack due to their best move, and not every technique will fit into every player, so having different techniques for different players will allow them to use their strengths. Coach Campbell teaches the critical elements in getting sacks with his hand combat arsenal that includes:

  • Chop, dip, rip
  • Club, pop, swim/rip
  • Double wiper
  • Speed to the ball/rush

Linebacker expectations are also covered, including a list of tangibles and intangibles linebackers must have to be successful.

The techniques shown in this video for the outside linebacker in the hybrid 3-4 give you the tools to combat the most daunting offenses on your schedule.

115 minutes. 2017.

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