Linebacker Drills

Linebacker Drills
Linebacker Drills
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  • Create agile linebackers who make tackles
  • Improve footwork, reads and angles
  • Learn to make the proper reads and shed blockers
with Vernon Hargreaves,
University of South Florida Assistant Coach;
former East Carolina Assistant Coach,
former University of Miami Linebacker Coach

Coach Hargreaves explains the football drills used by the University of Miami coaches to reinforce the proper techniques and fundamentals for linebackers: stance, footwork, agility, reading the play, taking good angles, shedding blockers and tackling. The drills focus on improving the linebacker by eliminating mistakes, improving footwork using bags, shedding blocks using medicine balls and sleds, reading the play using garbage cans, and taking good angles using the lines of the field. Hargreaves stresses the main objectives of the linebacker - getting in position, being in control, and making the tackle. This football video includes game clips to exhibit the drills' results in game situations.

33 minutes. 2003.

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