Linebacker Drills and Techniques for the 3-5-3

Linebacker Drills and Techniques for the 3-5-3
Linebacker Drills and Techniques for the 3-5-3
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Product Description

  • Stop the run with great tackling and pursuit
  • Improve your pass drops and coverage
  • Make your 3-5-3 even more effective
with Taylor Burks,
Defensive Coordinator, Georgia Military College

Georgia Military College has rewritten the NJCAA record books using this powerful defensive scheme. The 3-5-3 alignment was key to the school's perfect 2001 season during which they allowed a total of negative 81 yards rushing. With this potent strategy, Georgia Military has developed stronger, more explosive players, including eight All Americans and the 2001 NJCAA Defensive Player of the Year.

This unique DVD from Championship Productions features the drills and techniques that have turned Georgia Military Academy into one of the country's premier junior college programs. Coach Burks uses on-the-field drills and marker board diagrams to illustrate the key components of this punishing defense including:

  • stance
  • agility
  • reading keys
  • shedding blockers
  • tackling

The main linebacker objectives—reading keys, reacting to the football, and making tackles—receive special attention. Coach Burks also explains how to work specifically with defensive lineman in the 3-5-3 defense. He teaches pass drops and coverage, as well as different blitzes and drills that can be incorporated into the defense. Defensive Lineman Drills and Techniques for the 3-5-3 and Basics of the 3-5-3, both featuring Coach Burks and both offered by Championship Productions, complement this DVD, creating of powerful and proven suite of materials for disrupting any offense—before and after the snap.

56 minutes. 2004.

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