Leg Tilt Series for Any Wrestler

Leg Tilt Series for Any Wrestler
Leg Tilt Series for Any Wrestler
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Product Description

  • Rack up back points and riding time while your opponent tries to defend your tilts
  • Learn two stealth set ups that are easy to hit and difficult for your opponent to recognize
  • Learn a simple technique for making the turn easier
with Brendan Buckley, former Cal-Poly Head Coach;
Executive Director of Beat the Streets Wrestling, New York City;
former Columbia University Head Coach;
2005 EIWA Coach of the Year; All American wrestler at Fresno St. University

Many wrestlers get in trouble when they try to force the legs in which puts them out of position and gives their opponent an easy escape - or worse, a reversal for back points. In this instructional DVD, Brendan Buckley demonstrates a simple and effective leg series that will give your wrestlers the tools they need to dominate on top.

Coach Buckley's leg tilt series covers it all: Set-ups to get into legs, six turns to score points and accrue riding time, and different transitions from one turn to another. Buckley shows two set-ups to start the series that are easy to hit and won't alert your opponent to what's coming next.

Buckley demonstrates six positions that can lead to points once the legs are in:

  • Hook an ankle
  • Half nelson to "create a window"
  • 2-on-1 tilt from a belly down position
  • Cross body ride
  • Ball and chain
  • Power half

In each position, Buckley shows how to use hip pressure to make the turn easier. You don't need to be strong to make these positions work! These turns are effective for any wrestler at any level.

Along with detailed technique, Buckley demonstrates different ways to transition from one move to the next. What makes this series so effective is that your opponent, while trying to defend the move, will set you up to easily transition from one position to another allowing you to rack up back points and score a technical fall.

Buckley also shows how to transition smoothly into a bar series when running the cross body ride and ball and chain series.

This series was a favorite of Buckley's when he competed and produces great success for the Columbia wrestlers. Incorporate it into your system today!

66 minutes. 2011.

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