Leg Lace Evolution Techniques for Modern Freestyle

Leg Lace Evolution Techniques for Modern Freestyle
Leg Lace Evolution Techniques for Modern Freestyle
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Product Description

  • Learn key positioning for generating multiple turns with the leg lace
  • Discover a bent leg turk series that is nearly impossible to stop
  • Learn how to effectively transition from the gut wrench to the leg lace
  • Learn to defend the leg lace and how to counter leg lace defenses
with Rob Eiter,
St. Paul's Academy (MD) Head Coach;
former University of Maryland Assistant Coach;
1996 Olympian; 5x U.S. Open National Champion; Member of 1993 and 1995 World Championship teams; Former University of Pennsylvania Head Coach

The leg lace is a move that you can find from all positions of freestyle wrestling. Olympian Rob Eiter shows both beginning and advanced wrestlers how to effectively use a leg lace to turn opponents in freestyle. He begins by going over basic leg laces, then covers advanced leg lace techniques. Coach Eiter then moves on to defending a leg lace and transitions from a leg lace to secondary exposure techniques.

Leg laces are always available in the par terre position. Coach Eiter works on the basics of a leg lace first. His detailed breakdown of the fundamentals will allow you to not only to score, but also identify where the technique is breaking down so that you can apply one of the more advanced moves. Off of a leg attack, a leg lace opportunity will present itself every time. Coach Eiter shows you how to post the bent leg ankle and pull it back to score.

With the new rules change in Freestyle wrestling, multiple turns are now legal. Learning how to get multiple turn your leg lace will allow you to end matches extremely quickly. Coach Eiter teaches the correct positioning for multiple turns using the leg lace. You'll learn how to transition from the gut wrench to the leg lace. He shows you a key detail here that helps prevent the opponent from defending the far leg.

He continues on with other turns using the leg lace as a set up. He focuses on a bent leg turk that will force a turn regardless of how tough the bottom guy is. He completes teaching a hybrid of his Bent leg turk and lace.

We don't have a lot of time on top in Freestyle and it is important to be efficient on top. Coach Eiter shows a complete leg lace series that has many different turns and great transitions to other dominating turns that will make you a lethal par terre wrestler.

Coach Eiter's series will make a left leg wrestler a potent offensive wrestler from his/her feet.

54 minutes. 2015.

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