Leg Attacks - Handfighting & Creating Space

Leg Attacks - Handfighting & Creating Space
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Learn how to transition from one control tie-up to another based on your opponent's reaction!

  • Use an inside tie and wrist control to attack a high crotch and single leg
  • Learn how to clear head ties, create offensive shot opportunities and prevent yourself from getting stuck wrestling ear-to-ear
  • Discover the Oklahoma State secret of elbow control - what to look for when setting up takedowns, and why it's such an effective tie up

with Chris Perry,
Oklahoma State University Assistant Coach;
2x NCAA Champion and 3x All-American for Oklahoma State University;
2014 University World Silver Medalist; 2009 Junior Hodge Trophy winner

The most important aspect of wrestling in the neutral position is hand fighting - controlling the opponent, setting up offense, and wearing them down. However, this is often considered the most challenging aspect of wrestling to teach - wrestlers are often shown discrete tie-ups, without an idea of how to transition between them and keep their opponent off-balance.

In this video, two-time NCAA National Champion Chris Perry teaches a systematic approach to transitioning between tie-ups and leg attacks. You'll learn offensive moves from three common and important ties ups:

  • Inside tie and wrist control
  • Head ties
  • Elbow control

Perry thoroughly explains the concepts, tricks and objectives of each tie up and how to set up shots and neutralize your opponent's offense, giving you the advantage of knowing that you can attack, while your opponent's options are limited.

After explaining each tie up, Perry goes on to show the transitions from the tie ups, to the leg attacks, focusing heavily on the high crotch and single leg.

Inside Tie, Wrist Control and Take DownsPerry begins by showing how a wrestler should approach the opponent so he/she doesn't extend themself and get taken down. With an inside tie, you will learn a nifty trick with your thumb that will hinder your opponent from being able to shoot.

After getting an inside tie along with wrist control, you'll learn how to successfully use it to attack a high crotch. Perry methodically explains how to open a "window" with an inside tie to get to a high crotch, and from there, how to properly position your body and finish the take down.

Perry also shows how to attack a single leg from this tie up. Learn why the single leg is actually easier, as often at times your attack hand is the closest hand to the leg. When attacking the single leg, Perry demonstrates the importance of ensuring your arm pit and attack hand are both underneath the leg, which prevents your opponent from being able to defend the single leg. You'll see two common finishes from the single leg, giving you the option to:

  • Use your shoulder to turn into the leg to finish it on the mat
  • Bring the leg up to your feet and finish it from there

How to Clear Head Ties and Get to Leg Attacks

Head ties are one of the most common and annoying tie ups in wrestling. In this section, you'll learn why you shouldn't go ear-to-ear when in a collar tie unless you're trying to stall or catch your breath. However, as all wrestlers know, being ear-to-ear with your opponent happens all the time and this can be annoying when you're offensive minded and looking to score.

  • You will learn how to get from being jammed up ear-to-ear in a collar tie, to a more offensive position where you are head-to-head and have the space to attack the single leg.
  • If you prefer the high crotch, Perry shows you how to set this up from a collar tie and how to open the "window," allowing you to successfully get to the leg and finish the take down.
  • If attacking from collar ties aren't your thing, Perry also shows you the option of using your hand to push your opponent's face away, to either create separation or transition into another tie up which you find favorable.

Elbow Control

Elbow control is a tie up Oklahoma State is known for. Perry begins by expelling the common misconceptions about elbow control and shows you how to hold onto the elbow properly, so you nullify your opponent's inside tie and take away any offensive opportunities.

You'll learn how elbow control can be used as a control tie to bully your opponent around the mat, and how to recognize the best t

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