Leg Attacks from a Dominant Wrist Control Position (Includes Left Leg Lead Techniques)

Leg Attacks from a Dominant Wrist Control Position (Includes Left Leg Lead Techniques)
Leg Attacks from a Dominant Wrist Control Position (Includes Left Leg Lead Techniques)
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Product Description

  • Learn how to wrestle successfully from a left leg lead or against a left leg lead wrestler
  • Get strategies to deal with an opponent who leads with a different lead leg
  • Learn how to turn an opponent's wrist control into your baseball grip control
  • Discover versatile techniques that can be adapted and used by right leg lead wrestlers

This fills an important niche for left leg lead wrestlers that few coaches can or do teach. The technique is all high quality world level stuff and the coach is very detailed in demonstrating what is really a whole system of attacks based on how an opponent initially reacts. One of the better ones I have seen. -
C. T. Young, Cascia Hall Junior High Volunteer Assistant Coachwith Rob Eiter,
St. Paul's Academy (MD) Head Coach;
former University of Maryland Assistant Coach;
1996 Olympian; 5x U.S. Open National Champion; Member of 1993 and 1995 World Championship teams; Former University of Pennsylvania Head Coach

Rob Eiter was very successful through his career as a left leg lead. In this video, Coach Eiter teaches a complete left leg lead series including the primary attack, counters to an opponent's defense, and secondary attacks. The key to being dominant in this position is controlling wrists since the lead legs are right next to each other. This is a system that will make left leg lead wrestlers dominant on their feet, and give a right leg lead wrestler a new look.

How to Gain Offensive Control
Being able to set up your ties is one of the most critical skills and often overlooked skills in wrestling. Coach Eiter starts off by showing how to bait your opponent by giving him/her wrist control. He then demonstrates how to secure a baseball grip when your opponent has wrist control. From the baseball grip he demonstrates five takedowns. Each takedown is predicated on what your opponent does to counter the baseball grip.

Counter Common Defenses
An opponent will never just let you hit your attacks. Coach Eiter does an outstanding job of teaching how to keep attacking throughout various resistances. If the opponent re-grabs your wrist, Eiter demonstrates a side step re-drag to a double leg attack, and a duck under attack. This is typically a tough position to score on as a left leg lead, but his technique is very effective and easy to master once we dominate the tie up. He includes two "game changing details" when an opponent posts to the head or outside arm. The first one covers an opponent's post on the shoulder. Eiter shows a small adjustment that can bring your opponent into your high crotch. The second stems from an opponent's collar tie. Using an elbow pass he shows post a hand on the floor on the pass. This allows you to clear the elbow and create an angle to explode into a high single leg attack.

Being able to score from wrist control is an essential skill for all wrestlers. All wrestlers need to learn to clear wrists and score from wrist control. If you can't get the near wrist the far wrist is the next option. Coach Eiter teaches how to transition to a 2-on-1 in this scenario. Three different attacks are show: ankle pick, high crotch and a double leg. Coach Eiter's 2-on-1 is different from the classical Russian 2-on-1. He completes your wrist control game by showing you his outside wrist control series.

Coach Eiter's series will make a left leg wrestler a potent offensive wrestler from his/her feet.

53 minutes. 2015.

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