Learning to Hit for Power & Average

Learning to Hit for Power & Average
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Over 20 drills to develop hitters who are hard to strike out and can change the game with one swing of the bat!

  • Learn drills that develop mechanics at each phase of the swing to establish muscle memory
  • Discover drills that help hitters be quicker to the ball in order to increase power and average
  • Teach your hitters which pitches to look for in specific counts and help them understand the strike zone better

with Jessica Jones,
SIU-Edwardsville Associate Head Coach;
2015 Ohio Valley Conference Champions;
played for Purdue University (four-year starter, team captain, All Big Ten player)

Most batters want to hit the ball for both average and power. However, it is difficult to do both because power hitters tend to be more inconsistent, while high-average hitters tend to sacrifice power to maintain their consistency. Jessica Jones explains the mechanics, approach, and drills to build a hitter that's the complete package. Everything from the load, to the bat path and the swing path are described, and drills are demonstrated to help you get the most out of your hitters.

During this video, Jones does a great job of explaining the purpose of each drill and what the hitter should feel and focus on as they complete the drills. Each drill helps hitters get a feel for a certain component of the swing - without segmenting the swing. All of the drills are full-body drills that isolate either the hand path or load and rhythm part of the swing.

Swing Mechanics

One of the first keys to hitting is having a fundamentally sound swing. Coach Jones offers drills to help batters eliminate flaws in their swing. She starts with the lower body and explains the proper rhythm and timing of the load. In the load phase, drills such as Heel to Toe, Flamingo 3 Touch, the Samurai and the Skater Stevens simplify the use of the load. Each of these drills emphasize the use of the hands and legs loading as well as getting rhythm and timing down.

Coach Jones moves on to show how a direct bat path will bring the hitter's hands forward to the ball in the correct manner, which sets the bat up to stay in contact with the ball longer. Drills include the progressive Swing Drill, Quick Hands Drill, the Sweet Spot Bat Drill, and Reverse Top Hand. All these tee drills help batters become more successful at using their load while using an efficient bat path.

Hitting for Average

Hitters who are consistent must demonstrate good swing fundamentals and excellent pitch selection. Coach Jones introduces five drills to help hitters become more consistent. The focus is on driving "hittable" pitches. This is achieved by understanding what the batter's strengths are, pitches she can hit, and being more consistent at the plate. Jones moves to one-hand drills while staying to contact, extension and full swings.

In one particular visual drill, tennis balls are tossed to the hitter, and they must verbally identify something written on the ball. This visual drill will help the hitter track the ball better, which will in turn aid them in better pitch selection.

Hitting for Power

Coach Jones shares 10 drills aimed at increasing a hitter's bat speed, hand speed, and leg drive, which will help your hitter be more explosive and drive the ball.

Jones' walk-throughs help your hitters develop timing and rhythm along with power. Weighted balls strengthen the wrist and aid hitters in driving through the pitch. You'll see the double tee drill, which helps with extension, and the pump drill, which helps hitters keep rhythm while powering through the ball. Front tosses of varying speeds help batters develop timing off the pitcher, and self- tosses teach hitters where to contact the ball with power.

Getting on base and driving in runs is what leads to more victories. This video has many drills - a comprehensive list of tee and soft toss drills -that focus on improving batting averages and increasing power and will improve your hitters at all levels!

56 minutes. 2017.

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