Learning from the International Game: Brazilian Transition Drills

Learning from the International Game: Brazilian Transition Drills
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Optimize your team's transition skills for better attack tactics!

  • Learn how to reinforce communications with the hitters and setters to promote fluid play in transition
  • Train your setter to set against the flow of the game to catch the opposing team's defense off guard
  • Learn a series of drills to increase the ability of your players to transition more quickly out of the way of the setter
with Dega Da Gama,
Boston College Assistant Coach;
former assistant coach for the Rexona Volleyball Club, a professional women's team in Brazil; also worked with the Brazilian National Team ('98-'00)

Transition play is an element that should be trained at an early stage in the game and with many, many repetitions.

The main idea within this video from Dega Da Gama is to design a full progression of a transition drill. You'll learn basic drill design to develop transition skills and quality offense. Coach Da Gama combines high volume and high intensity drills that can be used at intermediate and advanced levels of competition. He takes the time to explain the purpose of each drill and gives tips to improve transitional offense. You'll also get a great guide for setter decisions and an easy way to teach your own transition attacking style.

Transition Play

Da Gama starts with a back row transition play, then moves towards a coach controlled progression where you can modify to a faster temp build up with a live ball, and adjust to various two-middle systems or second tempo combinations with the OH and MB. The block transition can be from OH block transition to middle block transition and then you can run your tempo variations from there.

You'll see how to make transition play "coach controlled" to help your athletes be successful before you go live to help establish a rapport with the hitters and improve communication. A featured drill includes libero setting for hitters to transition to attack, an important element that's not often considered in the training aspect.

Transition Drills

Da Gama provides drills that apply transition techniques to both the offensive and defensive sides of the net. The high reps help to assess most situations that need to be addressed as often as possible. The volume and intensity of these drills will help create better chemistry between setters and hitters.

The 3-on-3 coach controlled drill gives you opportunities to train better set choices for your setter, better connection with your hitters, and improve communication overall.

Use Coach Da Gama's drills to take your team's transition abilities to the next level!

Produced at the 2016 AVCA Annual Convention in Columbus, OH.

51 minutes. 2017.

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