Latest Developments in Freestyle Wrestling & Year-Round Strength Training for Wrestling

Latest Developments in Freestyle Wrestling & Year-Round Strength Training for Wrestling
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Get techniques and strategies to be able to compete against the best wrestlers in the world!

  • Learn how to fight on the edge without giving up out of bounds points
  • Incorporate a post lift into freestyle technique to increase the success rate of finishing the shot
  • Discover a long-term strength and conditioning program for each phase of the year: pre-season, in-season, post-season, and off-season

with Bill Zadick,
US National Freestyle Head Coach;
2018 UWW World Cup Champions (Freestyle);
2017 World Team Champions (Men's Freestyle);
2006 Freestyle World Champion, 1996 NCAA Division I National Champion (University of Iowa)

and Jon Pfeifer,
University of Nebraska Wrestling Strength Coach; NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Ever wonder what the difference is between the American freestyle and what's happening on the international scene? In this video, USA Men's National Freestyle Coach Bill Zadick breaks down the major trends in international wrestling that allowed the Men's National Freestyle team to capture their first team World Championship since 1995.

Additionally, Jon Pfeifer breaks down the approach he has used at the University of Nebraska to produce of one of the toughest, best-conditioned teams in the NCAA. He walks you through their approach for each phase of the year and how he works with different weight classes and builds specific lifting programs for them during the season to help build or maintain strength.

On the Mat: Trends in International Wrestling

For many wrestlers and coaches in America, NCAA wrestlers are the most studied and imitated. Relatively little attention is paid to the techniques and trends in the broader world of freestyle wrestling, where the best wrestlers in the world compete.

Bill Zadick has been through it all, from winning a National Title to winning a World Championship. He has coached the best in the world and now brings his insight to you. Coach Zadick has broken down international freestyle wrestling to see what other countries are doing to gain the advantage.

Head Positioning

Too often, coaches focus simply on maintaining a good stance, when in fact the most important thing to do is to control the head position battle. Using the example of Iranian wrestlers, Zadick breaks down an approach that will allow wrestlers to keep opponents off their legs while creating their own angles. He also shows a variety of drills and hand fighting methods that will create angles that allow for leg attacks against the fastest and most disciplined opponents.

Underhook Defense

The underhook is the most advantageous control tie in the current world of freestyle wrestling, as it allows the underhooking wrestler to push forward, scoring push outs and controlling the center of the mat for shot clock purposes. Zadick breaks down the drills being used by national team wrestlers to prevent leg attacks and clear the tie quickly. He puts special emphasis on the current methodology being used by the national team to prevent push outs.

Par Terre Defense

Par Terre is an area of freestyle wrestling where Americans have traditionally struggled - it's completely different from the mat wrestling found in folkstyle. Zadick breaks down the finer details of hip movement and scooting that are necessary to prevent an experienced and skilled opponent from completing a gut wrench turn.

Coach Zadick breaks down the trends in the modern freestyle world, with many ideas into how one can incorporate this into developing your program and athletes for both the short and long term. He also provides many cutting edge insights into the techniques, approaches and styles of the current national team members, and many other international competitors.

Lecture: Year-Round Strength Training for Wrestling

Strength and conditioning plays a key role in the performance of any wrestler, whether it's the strength to finish a takedown or complete a stand-up, the quickness and explosiveness needed for a high-level shot, or the endurance required to fight through the third period and overtimes.

Managing Different Phases in a Yearly Cycle

Too often, coaches and wrestlers make the mistake of trying to tackle everything at once: strengt

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