Last Line of Defense: Scrambling Against Leg Attacks

Last Line of Defense: Scrambling Against Leg Attacks
Last Line of Defense: Scrambling Against Leg Attacks
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Product Description

  • Turn your last line of defense into point-scoring offense
  • Get scrambling ideas for six common takedown positions
  • Control the scramble and take away your opponent's scoring opportunity
  • Stop giving up easy points
with Brendan Buckley, former Cal-Poly Head Coach;
Executive Director of Beat the Streets Wrestling, New York City;
former Columbia University Head Coach;
2005 EIWA Coach of the Year; All American wrestler at Fresno St. University

Scrambling isn't the preferred defense, but wrestlers that have the ability to create scrambles when they get beat greatly improve their chances for success.

Brendan Buckley demonstrates techniques and strategies to control the scramble situation on your feet and take away your opponent's scoring opportunities. In this wrestling DVD, Coach Buckley takes six takedown situations and shows how to put your opponent in bad position after he takes a good shot, and force him to give up a takedown to you.The situations covered include:

  • Outside Single - See how to chase the angle and attack the leg. Buckley shows you how to set up your opponent for (and secure) a cradle, including two options to finish it for a fall. He also shows how to bait him for a cradle, but switch to a takedown.
  • High Crotch - Learn how to stop your opponent from changing off to a double and use his momentum to hit a cradle for back points or attack the ankle and get the takedown.
  • High Single - Go from the whizzer to rubber knee out of the hold and back on the attack.
  • Low Single - Kick across the body and attack the ankle putting you in position for a single, a double re-shot, or get away.
  • Crackdown - Learn how to beat the shoulder and scoot the corner for a takedown, stalemate or a cradle.
  • When you get beat on your shot - Learn to put your opponent into a stalemate position and not give up points. Buckley includes a technique to score a takedown from your defense.

In addition, Buckley demonstrates a couple drills for your wrestlers to develop a feel for scrambling and get comfortable in "bad situations."

Never give up an easy point again!

52 minutes. 2011.

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