Larry Shyatt: Building a Defensive Culture

Larry Shyatt: Building a Defensive Culture
Larry Shyatt: Building a Defensive Culture
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Learn how to build a shut-down defense culture

  • Use 3 transition defense drills to help take away early scoring opportunities
  • Use the "Circle Trap" drill to help teach players to execute - or play against - pressure defense
  • Train your players to use their hands to get deflections and their speed to disrupt ball movement

with Larry Shyatt,
Dallas Mavericks (NBA) Assistant Basketball Coach;
former University of Wyoming Head Coach; 2015 Mountain West Tournament Champions; Made postseason appearances in all five seasons of his tenure at Wyoming; 1998 WAC Coach of the Year; former University of Florida Assistant Coach during back-to-back National Championship seasons

On your worst shooting night, can you still win? Great defensive teams can find that winning edge. Through decades of coaching experience, Coach Larry Shyatt knows that strong defense is one of the great equalizers in basketball.

In this coaching clinic, you will learn how to establish a program that values defense above all else. Coach Shyatt presents a collection of ideas on how to emphasize defense, from seven major concepts for transforming your team culture, to seven practice drills he uses everyday. Additionally, Coach Shyatt shows you two "Peer Pressure" drills he uses to prepare players for executing in the most critical situations.

Team Culture

At the beginning of every season, coaches around the country tell their teams that the key to winning championships is defense. Is that something you say? Is that something that is supported by your team culture and the way you structure your practices? Coach Shyatt gives his Super 7 concepts for creating a defensive emphasis in your coaching.Half Court Defense

You will learn the first steps for teaching a half court defensive philosophy to players at the start of every season. See how ropes and the White Line concept can be used to help players visualize proper positioning. Coach Shyatt also demonstrates how this approach can be extended to teaching your full court pressure defense.

Warm-Up Drills

How you start your practices sets the tone for the entire day. If you want to be a team that prides itself on defense then you have to begin with warm-up drills that emphasize it!

Coach Shyatt demonstrates three drills he regularly uses to get his players' hands, feet, and mouths ready for the most important part of the game. Break down your ball screen defense with a drill that will have players communicating with the "ELC" concept and focusing on the critical details of fighting through screens. You will also see how this drill can be easily changed to work on "blitzing" the ball on post feeds.

Coach Shyatt has made it a daily ritual for all of his players to develop toughness with the Step Up drill. With two versions of this drill, your entire team will learn how to safely step up to help on dribble penetration and draw charges.

Peer Pressure Drills

When the game is at its most critical moments in front of a packed gym, do you think players are still going to hear your voice from the sideline? Great teams have players who communicate with each other and hold their teammates accountable. Coach Shyatt shares two peer pressure drills that force players to execute layups and full court passing with perfect technique as a team.

Transition Defense

Coach Shyatt is a self-proclaimed fanatic on transition defense. He believes excelling in this key area will give great defensive teams the winning edge by eliminating some of the highest efficiency scoring opportunities available to an offense.

You will learn three drills that will develop the mindset for your players to sprint back and defend in transition. The Tate's Drill will challenge your defenders to excel in the first 6 seconds of a possession by sprinting back, building a wall, and rotating to get matched up. You will see three versions of the Circle Transition drill, which teaches players to load to the ball in transition with 5-on-5. With these different varieties, you can separate your guards and posts or work on blocking out to rebound.

Circle Trap Drill

Circle Trap is a must have drill for every coach as every team is going to either use t

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