Kicking Technique and Drills

Kicking Technique and Drills
Kicking Technique and Drills
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Product Description

  • Improve distance, accuracy and hang time using the Kohl's techniques and drills
  • Become a more consistent kicker
  • Learn the techniques you need to know to kick your best

with Jamie Kohl and Andy Kohl,
"Kohl's Professional Kicking Camps,"
both 1st Team All-State kickers, both played at the D-I level and signed with NFL teams after graduation;
75% of NFL teams have Kohl's athletes on their roster;
99.2% of division 1 FBS teams have an athlete on the roster that attended a Kohl's Kicking camps

Get the distance and accuracy you need on your kicks!

Many coaching staffs don't have a lot of experience coaching kickers. With this DVD you will gain the knowledge you need to teach and improve this critical skill. Excellent demonstrations by these former All-State/NFL kickers makes this a great DVD for your players to watch and model.

Jamie and Andy Kohl have trained thousands of athletes. In this impressive DVD from Championship Productions they share the drills and techniques used at their professional kicking camps for high school and college kickers, punters, and snappers.

Widely acknowledged as the nation's top "kicking gurus," the Kohls cover every important aspect kicking including:

  • Progressions for field goal kicking and place kicking
  • How to coach a holder for field goals
  • Visual cues and drills
  • And much more!

Drawing on extensive personal experience as well as information from thousands of kicks captured digitally at their camps, the Kohls analyze every aspect of field goal kicking and kickoffs.

Key drills for each stage of the kicking process are included with a special emphasis on the fundamentals of alignment and body balance. Several core and dynamic stretches that prepare kickers for their best effort on the field are illustrated.

On-field demonstrations are used to underscore the importance of proper equipment and the role of holding, steps, leg swing, ball-foot contact, and follow-through. The Kohls discuss the advantages of three different field goal kicking styles—soccer, club, and 3/4 club—and also demonstrate several kickoff techniques, including the hurdle motion, directional kickoff, the pooch kick, and the on-side kick.

Here's your chance to learning kicking techniques from two former elite athletes who have mastered this all-important skill. Whether you're a football coach or kicker, this DVD will broaden your knowledge and skills.

64 minutes. 2006.

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