Kevin McGeehan's System

Kevin McGeehan's System
Kevin McGeehan's System
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  • Get practice drills that simulate attacking the rim and working on finishes while protecting the ball
  • Learn how to spread the court on offense using constant movement on and off the ball
  • Learn how to blend man-to-man and zone concepts into a more aggressive, difficult-to-recognize defense
with Kevin McGeehan, Campbell University Head Coach;
former Associate Head Coach at Richmond

This exclusive open practice presentation is a great example of a comprehensive, goal-oriented practice. Up-and-coming head coach Kevin McGeehan not only lets you witness a live practice, he also shares keen insights on goals and reasoning for each element of it. From warm-up to conclusion, the emphasis is on fundamentals, attention to detail in execution and team communication. Practice has an air of fulfilling the "bigger picture."

All areas of the game are addressed, so every drill has a specific role and purpose in building and growing towards the ultimate goal. Shooting drills are breakdowns of the offensive strategy. Hustle and defense drills complement the overall defensive strategy. And to make sense of it all, you are introduced to the program's approach to advanced statistics to improve the overall quality of the team.

Practice begins with a warm-up. This is a critical part of practice to Coach McGeehan, who believes that it should be maximized by implementing skill work. A brief "individual skill work" session is followed by a team warm-up that's also filled with skill work.

To practice their intricate "spread motion attack offense," various groups work 5-on-0, emphasizing execution, especially timing, and spacing for each variation. Every drill is competitive as players go against each other 5-on-5 and 3-on-3. The "pirate" drill is a great 5-on-5 drill that's competitive at both ends and forces the team to transition into defense as quickly and effectively as possible. In the next segment, you witness Campbell's match-up zone defense, as they practice against a 1-4 high setup and learn the different defensive rotations and switches.

The last part of the presentation is dedicated to the coaching staff's use of advanced statistics in practice. You'll learn what the staff tracks, why and how to use it to motivate players' competitive spirit. Analyzing players' practice performance on a daily basis gives coaches and players great insight and deeper understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses.

Get a lesson from this fast-rising coach on how he uses "add ons" to improve drills that have been taught for decades to take his program to the next level. Use every element of practice, even warm-up, will challenge your players to execute fundamentals to perfection.

147 minutes. 2015.

with Kevin McGeehan, Campbell University Head Coach;
former Associate Head Coach at Richmond under former Head Coach Chris Mooney

Space the floor and take advantage of interchangeable players who can pass, dribble and shoot with the spread motion attack offense. Kevin McGeehan gives you a detailed on-court demonstration of this offense that will give your players the structure they need to space the floor and play as a team to create opportunities for open jump shots and easy layups.

Developed over time, the spread motion attack is a combination of Pete Carrill's Princeton Offense, NBA-style ball screens and elements of the dribble drive motion offense. Coach McGeehan not only shows you the basic principles and movements, he also explains the options (reads) each player has at any given moment.

Coach McGeehan starts with a brief overview of the philosophy behind the spread motion attack, as well as how it evolved over time to adjust to new defensive trends as well as various rosters and conference opponents. The information he shares in this portion of the presentation will enable you to adapt and adjust the offensive system to your own program. A big component of this motion offense—and one that will make your team tough to prepare for—is a seamless movement from a 1-2-2 spread setup to a 4-out-1-in setup ("point") and back. Step-by-step, Coach McGeehan explains the basic setups, the importance of spacing, how to exploit backdoor cuts, and teaching timing for sp

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