Kerry McCoy: Practice Drills for Wrestling Success

Kerry McCoy: Practice Drills for Wrestling Success
Kerry McCoy: Practice Drills for Wrestling Success
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  • Learn drills that help develop great footwork and speed to make you much more effective on your feet
  • Perform stance and motion drills as warm-ups and for conditioning
  • Implement a 3-man drill to condition your wrestlers
  • Features 2003 World Championships silver medalist Kerry McCoy
with Kerry McCoy, University of Maryland Head Coach;
Distinguished Member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame (2014);
3x ACC Coach of the Year; 2x ACC Champions; 2008 US Olympic Assistant Coach;
2x NCAA Champion at Penn State; 2x Olympic Wrestler (finishing 5th in 2000 and 7th in 2004); 2003 World Championships (silver medal); 3x All American at Penn State; 1997 Hodge Trophy winner

Learn a variety of drills that every program can incorporate into its practices that will develop and reinforce good habits and enable you to dominate in any position on the mat.

Coach McCoy leads a pair of his collegiate wrestlers through a variety of drills to help master the following areas:

  • Warm-up Drills - Stance & motion, misdirection attacks, downblocking and sprawling - all designed to help warm up your athletes and reinforce fundamentals. Your wrestler will become comfortable in his stance and will be able to attack from all types of situations. McCoy also explains how you can change the intensity of these drills and use them for warming-up, cooling down, and conditioning your athletes.
  • Foot Speed Drills - Nine drills that are perfect for increasing quickness and coordination. Train your wrestlers to stay in "good" position and recover quickly from being in "bad" position. Also great for post-practice conditioning.
  • Pummeling Drills - See three different variations that are great for developing upper body skills to improve set-ups and shots. Includes five variations of hand fighting drills. Hand fighting is essential to being an elite wrestler. It allows you to set-up your offense, clear ties, and be a better wrestler defensively.
  • The "3 Man Drill" - Good for drilling technique with an odd number of wrestlers. The attacking wrestler will be able to alternate takedowns with his partners without the need for any breaks in between. Teaches your wrestlers to be aggressive and hustle while working on their conditioning.
  • The Standup Drill - Using a wall to hone stand up skills when a partner is not available, focusing on back pressure throughout.
These drills will work well for coaches and athletes at all levels to develop all great habits and skills in all your athletes.

Drilling is an important part of any wrestling practice and these drills will help to develop great habits and skills in all your athletes to give them the edge.

39 minutes. 2013.

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