Keno Davis: The Mix & Match-Up Zone Defense

Keno Davis: The Mix & Match-Up Zone Defense
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Run a match-up zone defense that can easily morph into a "junk defense" when needed!

  • Learn the basic rotations of a mix/match zone and the key responsibilities of each position
  • Add box-and-one and triangle-and-two looks to your defensive scheme to frustrate teams that rely on one or two primary scorers
  • See how to defend ball screens within a zone to prevent dribble penetration and force opponents into tough shots

with Keno Davis,
Central Michigan University Head Coach;
MAC Coach of the Year (2015); Skip Prosser Man of the Year Award (2015);
former Providence College and Drake University Head Coach;
In 2008, was named the MVC, AP, Sporting News, Basketball Times National Coach of the Year and also won the Henry Iba Award

Keno Davis transfers his basketball mind onto the whiteboard and the hardwood to detail how his team runs a match-up zone with several different looks. If you want to teach a defense that is easy to implement yet difficult for other teams to prepare for and play against, this is a great video for you! You will learn how to build Davis' match-up zone defense and how to switch into different "junk defenses" seamlessly to keep your opponent guessing as to what you are actually running.

Building the Match-Up Zone

Davis begins each session on the whiteboard and explains the building blocks of the match-up zone through X's and O's before demonstrating those concepts with his team on the court. You'll learn the set up of the defense and see Davis explain why he puts his personnel into certain spots within the zone. While this defense may look like a 3-2 zone, it's more like a shifting 1-2-2 defense that helps your team protect the basket and be in good rebounding position on shots.

Next, Davis breaks down the rules for perimeter and post players that make driving into the paint difficult and force opponents to settle for tough outside shots. He covers rotations on passes and what to do when your opponent skips the ball or uses ball screens to try and beat the zone.

Adding "Junk D" Looks

Coach Davis also teaches the fundamentals of box-and-one and triangle-and-two junk defenses. He explains how his team can identify certain situations in which they will jump from a zone defense, to a man defense, and into a junk defense to slow down the opponent's best player. The best part is your players will eventually learn to do this without making any kind of vocal call!

With numerous breakdown segments that cover a variety of game situations, you will walk away from this video comfortable and confident about implementing Davis' system. He does a great job of making seemingly complex strategies easy-to-learn, and his segments on defending ball screens on the wings and middle are essential in today's ball screen dominant game. If your team is struggling to slow down opponents with traditional man or 2-3 defensive looks, this may be the defense you can finally turn to for answers!

60 minutes. 2018.

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