Junk SWARM Defense

Junk SWARM Defense
Junk SWARM Defense
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Learn three junk defenses for eliminating your opponent's top scoring threat(s) and force their not-so-skilled players to beat you.
  • Learn junk defenses that allow you to define specific defensive roles for your players based on their strengths
  • Teach players how to work together to defend against multiple cutters and dribble penetration
  • Increase the chaos with supplemental defenses you can use after a time out or in late game situations
with Wayne Walters, inventor of the SWARM Defense,
former Head Coach at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology.
His junior college team forced more than 30 turnovers per game in the last four years of his coaching career.

Junk defenses are unexpected and teams are rarely prepared for them. Wayne Walters, the inventor of the SWARM defense, takes the floor to demonstrate an innovative defense for coaches with a limited talent pool that will create havoc for opposing teams.

Coach Walters focuses on the three primary junk defenses out of his "Scorpion" 2-3 zone that will allow you to maximize the skills of your role players, while taking the opposing team out of their regular offensive sets by denying their main scoring threat(s).

You will learn effective strategies for the Box-and-1, Triangle-and-2, the Tandem-and-3-Chasers and more.

Walters begins with the Bee Drill that teaches players how to defend cutters into the paint. This drill is used in the Triangle-and-2, as well as the Box-and-1. In a progressive manner, Walters shows how to stop individual cutters, multiple cutters, and two cutters and dribble penetration.

Coach Walters has an arsenal of different junk defenses that are easily taught without spending too much practice time on them, especially if your team is accustomed to his SWARM attack defense.

He breaks down the positional responsibilities for each player within each defense and includes situational drills. Coach Walters also shows how to double team out of these defenses.

The defenses demonstrated on the court are:

  • Box and 1
  • Triangle and 2
  • Top stinger/bottom stinger
  • Diamond and 1
  • Twist

If you're looking to add effective junk defenses to your coaching toolbox, let Coach Walters show you how with his unique variations. With the tricks you'll learn from this presentation, you'll be able to disrupt your opponent's last-second play or haunt them all night long.

Explaining innovative ideas to players and coaches can be extremely challenging. Coach Walters has a unique way of making the complex simple by giving clear instruction and giving a visual "home" base. He applies that concept on both sides of the ball and creates what he calls "simple multiplicity". In other words, looks complicated to opponents but crystal clear to your team. SWARM concepts can be integrated at the speed and level of your players basketball IQ regardless of base defense or level of pressure. Coach Walters' teams typically over achieve on defense forcing a high number of turnovers with only half court defense. High school and college coaches that have adopted some version of his system have experienced similar results.

53 minutes. 2015.

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