Josh Davis on Everything Swimming: All 4 Strokes, Starts and Turns

Josh Davis on Everything Swimming: All 4 Strokes, Starts and Turns
Josh Davis on Everything Swimming: All 4 Strokes, Starts and Turns
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Product Description

  • Learn how to incorporate the streamline into every aspect of swimming: strokes, starts, and turns
  • Lower your PR with the latest techniques in all four strokes to maximize stroke efficiency and speed
  • Get the techniques needed to maximize explosiveness on your starts
  • Learn turn techniques for getting off of the wall faster
with Josh Davis; U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist; American Record Breaker; Top Swim Clinician

In this instructional swimming DVD, Olympic legend Josh Davis exudes the passion and dedication that made him a champion. He distills over 20 years of elite swimming, coaching and motivational speaking experience to help developing swimmers learn all four swimming strokes, starts and turns.

Shot at the Josh Davis Natatorium in San Antonio, Texas, this video uses crystal-clear above and below water footage to demonstrate swimming and drills. Repetition of key concepts, simple graphics and the enthusiastic presentation will give developing swimmers the confidence that they can master these critical techniques.

Davis stresses the importance of streamlining, the fastest way humans can move through the water. Then he builds a streamlined freestyle stroke using four drills for a long, smooth, powerful stroke.

Learn the 7 S's of great backstroke: Still head, Straight elbow recovery, See the shoulders sneaking over the water, Spin the arms through the air, Shallow pull, Strong skinny kick, and Super dolphin kick with super streamline. Three simple drills reinforce the techniques.

Davis reviews the secrets to great breaststroke - streamline, quick scoop, quick kick, and glide. He shares a simple stretching technique to build ankle flexibility, and demonstrates a pullout on deck and in the water. He builds the stroke with four drills that help minimize drag by swimming at the water's surface with quick movements and full extension.

Discover the 5 S's of butterfly: Straight & gentle arms, Shallow pull, Sweep out to side, Sneak the breath, Super dolphin kick. He encourages swimmers to work with the water-instead of fighting it-to develop a relaxed and easy butterfly. He uses three drills to teach you straight and gentle arm recovery, sweeping out to the side, and timing the breath to occur naturally in the stroke.

Davis presents two-handed turns for fly and breast, flip turns for back and free, and IM turns. Each of the turns is broken down into simple progressions that teach an effective and powerful turn technique.

Get Olympic-caliber instruction on forward and backstroke starts. Davis teaches swimmers to use the blocks as launching pads to carry the greatest speed possible into the water in a streamline position followed by transitioning into a great breakout.

This excellent DVD is a concise, yet complete, introduction to the basics of competitive swimming. A swimmer that learns the techniques and focuses on them every practice can indeed swim like a champion.

132 minutes. 2012.

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