Jordan Stevens Practice Drills 2-Pack

Jordan Stevens Practice Drills 2-Pack
Jordan Stevens Practice Drills 2-Pack
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  • Maximize your practice time, even in a small indoor practice space
  • 20+ drills to improve your hitting and score more runs
with Jordan Stevens, Valparaiso University Head Softball Coach;
2012 Horizon League regular season and tournament champion

Ever wonder what championship coaches do when the weather prevents practicing outdoors? Jordan Stevens opens up a full indoor team practice to show you how to get the most out of your practice, and your players, in a small space.

Recorded during a live indoor practice, Stevens narrates and coaches his team as they run through a full practice in a gymnasium.

Coach Stevens begins practice with a warm-up routine, starting with a jog and 15 dynamic stretches to activate their muscles and seven partner stretches designed to prevent throwing arm injuries. Once their arms are warm, Stevens leads his team through a three-step throwing progression and four throwing drills to work on accuracy and communication. The team breaks up into groups based on position, with each group working separately on position-specific drills.

Coach Stevens has an elaborate hitting circuit that maximizes every inch of their gym using six stations where his hitters get a lot of repetitions in a short amount of time. Each group of hitters will rotate through every station. The hitters are able to work on live hitting and base running, live bunting, wall-ball bunts, tee work and tracking.

During indoor practices, the outfield is somewhat neglected because they need more space to work. To counter this, Coach Stevens demonstrates how the outfield can use almost the entire indoor facility. The outfielders go through a series of six drills before the infielders take the floor. Finally, the team ends practice with a competitive game.

This DVD will be an excellent resource for coaches at all levels, especially coaches from areas where the weather often forces them indoors. Let Coach Stevens show you how to maximize your time with your team, no matter what the weather throws at you!

73 minutes + 51 minutes of bonus material. 2013.

with Jordan Stevens, Valparaiso University Head Softball Coach;
2012 Horizon League regular season and tournament champion

Teach your players proven principles that will make them more successful at the plate and increase your team's offensive production. In this exclusive glimpse into Valparaiso's phenomenally productive hitting program, Coach Jordan Stevens reveals four key principles that underlie everything his players do at the plate.

In all, Stevens leads you through drills in the following areas:

  • Tee routine
  • Hand drills
  • Bat-path drills
  • Arm strengthening drills
  • Rhythm drills

Coach Stevens opens up by showing the five daily warm-up drills that give his hitters' swing a solid, fundamentally sound foundation. Each of the warm-up drills progressively build off each other. The first drill deals with the hitter's load and creating separation, followed by drills that deal mainly with the arms and hip rotation.

For each drill, Stevens has one of his players demonstrate while he reveals coaching points and common mistakes, and shows how to correct these flaws to develop a consistent swing. He also offers a few variations on each of the five warm-up drills to address specific problems a hitter may be having.

Coach Stevens numbers each part of the strike zone 1 - 9, and has his players work on a tee drill where they hit balls in each of the nine zones. Watch as his hitters move their bodies to simulate the pitches in different zones, instead of moving the tee.

Stevens introduces four drills he uses to strengthen his players forearms and wrists, aimed at increasing bat speed. These exercises will help players get stronger without using weights. Finally, Coach Stevens covers a few drills he uses to develop rhythm and timing with his hitters.

This DVD will be a valuable resource to coaches and players alike at all levels. These drills will help d

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