John Chaney: Discipline, Vision and Coaching Wisdom

John Chaney: Discipline, Vision and Coaching Wisdom
John Chaney: Discipline, Vision and Coaching Wisdom
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Product Description

  • Gain insight from one of the greatest college coaches of all-time
  • Learn how to develop language with your players
  • Put your players in a position that eliminates their liabilities
with John Chaney,
former Temple University Head Coach;
17 NCAA Tournament Appearances (1984-1988, 1990-2001); 5x Atlantic 10 Coach of the Year (1984, 1985, 1987, 1988, 2000);
NABC Coach of the Year (1988); Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee (2001)

Hall of Fame Coach John Chaney is known for his tough minded philosophy who demanded nothing but the best from his players. In his long tenured career at Temple, he made a post-season playoff berth in 23 of his 24 seasons at the helm of the program; including five Elite Eight appearances. In this basketball coaching DVD, Chaney shares with you his knowledge of the game that he has learned from coaching greats such as John Wooden and Mike Krzyzewski and throughout his own experiences.

Coach Chaney explains why everyone fails in the business and the differences that separate those who will persevere from those who will not. He details the rules in which he lives by both on the court and off the court and why it is important to get players to be respectful and be held accountable for their actions. More importantly, Chaney explains why discipline is a higher form of intellect and how you can use it to motivate your players.

Cutting and Destroying the Defense:
Coach explains that developing language with players and drilling it every day will lead to positive outcomes. Chaney teaches the players to constantly read the floor and to always have vision up the court. He shares his "Push & Pull Method" as well as his thoughts on attacking defensive footwork and creating proper floor balance on the offensive end. Learn the philosophy the helped his teams be among the lowest in turnovers in the country year after year.

Defensive Philosophy:
With the philosophy of constant disruptive behavior, whether you play man or zone, Chaney gives you his three goals on defense:

  • Make the offense pick-up the basketball
  • Crowding the ball-handler
  • Obscuring the vision of the offense
Along with these goals, he teaches you tidbits on how to guard ball-handlers, when to go for a block and when not to and how poor vision will lead to poor decisions.

Learn all the little things that made John Chaney one of the most successful college coaches of all-time!

Warning: This DVD does contain strong language.

65 Minutes. 2011.

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