Joe Dooley: 7 Seconds or Less Early Offense

Joe Dooley: 7 Seconds or Less Early Offense
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Power your team with a fast, high-scoring transition offense system!

  • Learn Coach Dooley's highly explosive transition offense system and tailor it to your team's personnel, utilizing the strengths of your guards and bigs
  • Score with a variety of quick hitters in your early offense to create opportunities for multiple players on the floor
  • Get lob opportunities against zone defenses with two set plays to demoralize them with easy baskets right at the rim

with Joe Dooley,
East Carolina University Head Coach;
former Florida Gulf Coast University Head Coach;
2018 Atlantic Sun Conference Coach of the Year - back-to-back award winner (2017);
2017 Atlantic Sun Tournament Champions (Back-to-Back titles 2016-17);
2014 Atlantic Sun Regular Season Champions;
former Kansas University Assistant Coach (2008 NCAA Champions)

Joe Dooley loads this video with tons of great plays and concepts to implement into your transition offense. These strategies will get your team to play faster, while staying organized, and help you score at a higher efficiency than ever before. Beyond general concepts for your transition offense, you will also see 14 quick-hitting plays and seven drills that are used by Florida Gulf Coast University.

7-Second Transition Offense

Coach Dooley presents his transition system to score through early offense and motion actions for your team, as well as how to take advantage of defensive stops, steals and turnovers. You will learn a series of offensive tools such as pick & roll, pick & pop, drags, chase, pitch ahead, reverse, staggered, wave, high-low actions and many more.

Some of the plays you'll get in this video include:

  • Stagger: Learn how to run a great shooter off multiple screens quickly in transition. Dooley also shows solutions for attacking defenses that switch and how you can flow into an effective set with the Horns alignment.
  • Ball Screens: Create opportunities for a great scorer with drag and double drag ball screens in transition. You will see how to flow into multiple pick & rolls in addition to tips on how to space the floor to avoid traps.
  • Spurs Action: Play to the strengths of talented post players with high-low action in this set. This set utilizes wide pin downs and dribble hand-offs to create several scoring opportunities with the same play.

Other plays incorporate screen-the-screener actions, free up your best shooter for a quick shot, occupy defenders in screening actions to create more space for ball screens, and more! Dooley also explains how to transition into your offense versus zone defense and shares two additional lob plays.

Transition Drills

Develop your fastbreak through six practice drills. These drills will help your players break down shots they need to make in the early offense. The Drive and Kick drill is a competitive way to get your players repetitions on creating shots through dribble penetration from multiple angles on the court.

Coach Dooley teaches how your post players can seal their defender in transition with the Post Entry drill. If a defender is taking away an entry pass on one side of the floor, your team will learn how to quickly reverse the ball and feed the post from the other side.

The 3-on-4 Contest drill is the perfect way for your players to learn how to make reads on offense with finding the open man in scramble scenarios. This drill also doubles as an excellent defensive drill to teach your players closeouts and rotations.

This is the perfect video for coaches looking to add effective quick-hitters to their early offense playbook!

Produced at the Spring 2017 Nike Championship Basketball Coaches Clinic - Myrtle Beach (SC).

68 minutes. 2018.

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