Jimbo Fisher: Offensive and Defensive Philosophy

Jimbo Fisher: Offensive and Defensive Philosophy
Jimbo Fisher: Offensive and Defensive Philosophy
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  • Learn to find ways to get off the field on third down
  • Build an offensive philosophy that emphasizes the overall team concept as opposed to a strictly offensive minded approach
  • Learn to tweak your plays based on defenses and field situations
  • Learn to run FSU's Houston pass concept and many strands off of the concept to defeat different defenses
with Jimbo Fisher, Florida State University Head Coach; 2012 ACC Champions

Jimbo Fisher will enlighten you with a vast amount of information covering program developemt, defensive, and offensive philosophy as well as detailed information about one of his favorite passing concepts. Coach Fisher also answers a number of questions from the audience that allows him to teach from his successful experiences.

Even though he is an offensive coach, Jimbo Fisher has a balanced mind when it comes to recruiting and to team priorities. Coach Fisher talks about how championship teams have balance in all phases of the football game. He believes in establishing a defensive philosophy first, then merging an offensive philosophy that best fits the team. He explains his defensive philosophy, coming from his offensive perspective, and includes the reason behind each point of his philosophy. Fisher talks about a defensive challenge, the no-huddle, and how it must also be a part of the team philosophy.

Having played as a quarterback and been an offensive coach or coordinator his entire career, Coach Fisher details his offensive philosophy and he shares how the Seminole program sets up their game plans. He explains the importance of fitting the offensive philosophy to the needs and strengths of the team, rather than aiming simply to be the best offense. You'll get a detailed look at a play that Coach Fisher claims has been one of his favorites for 15 years, the "Houston" play. Houston is a play that has home run potential yet is a high percentage play as well that provides a way to attack every coverage a defense presents. It also has a blitz control and a dump off route when you get pressure. Fisher uses game video to take you through cover s 3, 2. 4 and Tampa 2 to show you how Houston can destroy any defensive set with minimal adjustments..

To finish the lecture, Coach Fisher takes on any and all questions about offensive schemes, program philosophy, and his career experience. Fisher provides a great amount of thoughts based on the experiences he has had in his career.

Coach Fisher has a proven track record as a successful coordinator and head coach that is backed up by the extensive amount of information he presents in this lecture session. He does an excellent job of providing the building blocks of his overall coaching philosophy and how they fit and work together.

Produced at the 2013 Orlando (FL) Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

119 minutes. 2013.

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