Jim Gantt Coaching Championship Baseball 2-Pack

Jim Gantt Coaching Championship Baseball 2-Pack
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Product Description

  • Learn eight ways for players to make putouts from the outfield
  • See a fundamental drill sequence that will train players to be more consistent with their swing and become more effective hitters

with Jim Gantt,
Catawba College Head Coach, over 680 career wins;
7x South Atlantic Conference Coach of the Year;
2015 National Runner-up

Two-thirds of a baseball game is spent on defense. Thus, it makes sense to develop a sophisticated defense that can thrive under pressure, one that can seamlessly make putouts for the pitcher.

In this video, you will witness a relentless pursuit of positional performance that melds into solid team play. Using a progression of defensive drills, Jim Gantt provides throwing drills where outfielders relay throws to infielders, infielders make progression throws for putouts, catchers work on controlling the run game, and pitchers develop into outstanding fielders.

Drills to Defend

Coach Gantt provides a great resource for effective team defense, an attribute that will take any baseball team from good to great. Follow along as he shows off a drill series for all players to get hundreds of daily repetitions. You'll learn drills to develop team defense, enhance catcher effectiveness, and promote pitcher awareness on the mound. You'll also learn:

  • How to work outfielders through a system to successfully complete "one long hop" to each base.
  • A system to keep the double play in order on balls hit to the outfield.
  • The PFP program that Catawba uses with all pitchers.
  • "Star" drills that work on infielders making throws across the diamond to develop arm strength and accuracy.
  • Relay drills that work on outfielders making accurate throws to the infield, reducing opponent offensive productivity.
  • How to use a double infield to get a lot of reps for your infielders.
  • Catcher drills that work on pitch reception, increasing pitcher effectiveness.
  • Coach Gantt's approach for working freshmen into the team system.
  • And more!
Never expect anything from your team that you don't teach them. This video from Coach Gantt will help all coaches prepare for everything defensively by working on relays, double-plays, bunt defense, and run-game control.

"I couldn't tell you who Coach Gantt was until this video. However, after watching I am a huge fan. This really was a quality video that broke down things into a simple but useful progression. The organization and simplicity made me a huge fan. The white board and matching practice segments really made me a believer. Great video!" - Customer Review

113 minutes. 2017.

with Jim Gantt,
Catawba College Head Coach, over 680 career wins;
7x South Atlantic Conference Coach of the Year;
2015 National Runner-up

Teams that have offenses that can perform in crunch time are the ones that win championships. With this video, Coach Jim Gantt offers you a resource that helps enhance bat speed and hitting power, advance base running prowess, and internalize situational hitting expectations.

Using a progression of defensive drills, Gantt provides drills to work on hitting power, torque development, bat path enhancement, hitting effectiveness, baserunning mastery, and situational awareness.

Breakdown Drills to Advance Team Offense

Learn how to develop effective hitters that can contribute to any offense when they are needed the most. Coach Gantt and his staff reveal the progression formula they use to develop their offense.

What starts as player-specific drills of tee work, soft toss and front toss morphs into situational batting practice, which ultimately unfolds into a complete offensive game plan.

Drills include:

  • Torque Drill and Standing Torque Drill to improve core function with every baseball swing
  • 1-2-3 Drill and 1-3 Drill for players to feel proper swing sequencing
  • On-Time Drill and Late-Time Drill to focus on swing timing
  • A zone hitting drill to train hitters to drive the ball to the correct area of the field d

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