Jim Crews: Drills, Plays and How to Coach with Purpose

Jim Crews: Drills, Plays and How to Coach with Purpose
Jim Crews: Drills, Plays and How to Coach with Purpose
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Product Description

  • Discover 10+ drills for developing multiple skill sets
  • Get a practice and basketball philosophy developed from years of working with two of the game's best coaches
  • Learn two plays out of a box set that have a variety of scoring options
  • Learn how to train your players to beat full-court pressure and give them various options to score
with Jim Crews, Saint Louis University Head Coach;
back-to-back A-10 Coach of the Year (2013-14);
2013 National Coach of the Year (NABC and Sporting News);
coached under both Bobby Knight and Rick Majerus; played on the 1976 undefeated national championship team at Indiana University

30-year coaching veteran Jim Crews, who served as an assistant to both Bobby Knight and Rick Majerus, demonstrates and explains a variety of topics ranging from post development to defensive concept, to program development and practice philosophy. These concepts are the foundation that helped him turn St. Louis into an A-10 power program, and will help you develop your on-the-court needs, too.

Coach Crews uses on-court demonstrations to cover more than 10 different drills, including:

  • Post Drill — Covers multiple skills critical to successful post play.
  • Shot Fake — Players work on executing an effective fake as well as separation from the defender.
  • 2-slide Drill — This simple, half-court drill works on ball handling, ball defense and feeding the post.
  • Collins Passing — Developed by former NBA coach Doug Collins, this two-man, two-ball passing drill is high on skill development but equally enhances teamwork and non-verbal communication.
  • Cat and Mouse — This drill trains the passer and receiver on several levels. While the receiver learns how to read his defender to get open coming off a screen, the passer learns how to control the ball under pressure, as well as timing to deliver the pass at just the right moment.

By emphasizing fundamentals and multiple skill sets in each drill, Coach Crews is able to cover many different concepts.

Coach Crews also spends some time explaining and demonstrating his basketball and practice philosophy. You will learn why he has become one of the most successful coaches in today's game. With every practice, he focuses on developing better players. You'll learn how he pushes his players to compete. He explains what he expects from his players when they commit to his program and what they, in turn, can expect of his staff every day. He builds his philosophy around telling the truth, educating, empowering and encouraging his players.

If you're looking for drills that develop multiple skill sets, this is one of the best DVDs you can add to your collection. Coach Crews will not disappoint.

Produced at the Spring 2014 Tunica (MS) clinic.

79 minutes. 2015.

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