Jenelle Downs: Offensive Live-Play Stages

Jenelle Downs: Offensive Live-Play Stages
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Get more out of every possession on offense by preparing players for any situation!

  • Increase shots on goal by building smart players who can identify and take advantage of space
  • Learn how to promote creativity on the attack to maneuver past defenses
  • Discover drills and strategies to build on them to simulate real game situations during practice

with Jenelle Downs,
Centre College Head Coach;
5x SAA Coach of the Year;
NFHCA Region Coach of the Year (2017);
2017 NCAA Elite Eight appearance

Field hockey is a technical game, and while technical ability is important, coaching proper technique is the easier part. Coaching 'tactically flexibility', on the other hand, leaves many coaches stumped and frustrated.

In this video, Centre College head coach Jenelle Downs shows you how to move past merely coaching the "what" of hockey - to also teach the "why" and "how" - in order to build more complete players, bit by bit.

Building Attack

Using a progression of attacking practice drills, Coach Downs demonstrates how to train your attack systematically, including how to build in 1-2 passes and baseline attacks. You'll learn how to add-in more dynamic off-ball movement to create attacking opportunities ahead of the ball, as well as how to get your players to cue-in with each other to improve success. Coach Downs gives her team detailed on-field feedback demonstrating a positive framework for working with your players.

Through a favorite angled attack drill, which progresses through 3v0, 3v1, 3v2, or 3v3 versions, Downs stresses the importance of communication, off-ball movement, and the attacking space to create more goal scoring opportunities. In this live-play drill, the defense also has a chance to attack if they win possession. This emphasises the importance of transition and the ability to swap roles quickly.

With her detailed whiteboard diagrams and explanations, Coach Downs ensures you will be able to implement these ideas in your next practice.

Coaching Philosophies

In a frank and open discussion of her coaching philosophies, Coach Downs gives you an insight into how to run an effective hockey program. In this discussion, Downs unpacks the roles and responsibilities of players and management and the importance of basing your tactics on the strengths and weaknesses of the players you have. She also covers the importance of breaking down a season into smaller chunks, how to involve injured players, and a variety of other ways to make your program stronger.

Nothing is more frustrating for a coach than a team that struggles to turn possession into goals. This video from Coach Downs offers a method of training that will improve your players' level of thinking, and ultimately lead to fewer wasted possessions.

82 minutes. 2019.

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