Jeff Depelteau: Growing as a Coach and Competitive Practice Drills

Jeff Depelteau: Growing as a Coach and Competitive Practice Drills
Jeff Depelteau: Growing as a Coach and Competitive Practice Drills
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Product Description

Make your practices more competitive and learn how you can grow as a coach and reach your potential.
  • Refine your players' footwork and finishing ability with Box Drills
  • Emphasize the concepts you want your players to understand with "Cut Throat" scrimmages
  • Discover 6 key growth areas for improving your "best practices"

Coach Depelteau's presentation is thought provoking and challenging. This presentation will make you reevaluate your coaching and how you deal with your team and players. Depelteau includes eight great practice drills to build team offense, defense, and work on transition elements to the game. This video is a must for a new coach or a coach looking for an edge!
- Thom McDonald, Director of Basketball Operations, Championship Productions

with Jeff Depelteau,
Suffield Academy (CT) Head Coach; 2013 New England Prep Coach of the Year;
2013 New England Class B Champions; 7 consecutive New England Prep postseason appearances

Basketball is such a competitive sport that any coach who rests on their laurels will be left behind those who are striving to improve.

In this presentation, you'll see New England Prep Coach of the Year Jeff Depelteau share his best practice drills, you'll learn how to improve as a coach, and how to run a high quality, consistent program. After presenting this session at a 2015 Nike Championship Basketball Clinic, Depelteau was bombarded by coaches seeking more information on his effective drills and insights for success.

6 Focus Areas for Growth

Learn the six most important areas of growth for any coach. You will get great ideas and examples of how to add positive energy to your team, build relationships with your players, recognize your strengths and weaknesses, improve your communication within your program and more. The ideas shared will help you realize how you can continue to grow as a coach and improve the impact you have your players.

Practice Drills

This video includes eight practice drills to build offense, defense, and work on elements of transition.

  • Box Drills – A series of triple threat moves and finishes that will help your players develop their pivots, fakes, and scoring ability around the rim.
  • Cut Throat – A half court scrimmage drill featuring two variations for emphasizing the fundamentals of your offensive or defensive system. This is a fantastic drill for building the habits you believe are critical to winning games.
  • Argentina Passing – Develop teamwork while cleaning up your team's pivots and passing.
  • Louisville Weave – A full-court shooting drill that will get your players a ton of repetitions on transition jump shots as they compete against timed goals.
  • Lay-Up Conditioner – A skill drill for improving the fitness of your players that also refines their footwork and ability to finish at the rim.
  • 30-Second Move – Help your players develop the footwork and balance needed to shoot under control after catching the ball on the move.
  • Mid-Range/3-Point Shooting DrillImprove your players' shooting accuracy by challenging them to constantly adjust their range from different locations on the floor.

Commit to making your team better with a focus on self-improvement using Coach Depelteau's insights and drills for coaches of all levels!

Produced at the Spring 2015 Myrtle Beach (SC) clinic.

68 minutes. 2015.

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