Jay Wright: How to Set the Tone for a Successful Season

Jay Wright: How to Set the Tone for a Successful Season
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with Jay Wright,
Villanova Head Coach;
2018 NCAA Champions!
2018 John R. Wooden Legends of Coaching Award;
2x NCAA Championship Coach (2016 & 2018); 2x Naismith College Coach of the Year (2006, 2016);
2x Big East Tournament Champions, 6x Big East Regular Season Champions, 6x Big East Coach of the Year (2006, 2009, 2014-2016, 2019), 2x America East Coach of the Year (2000, 2001), NABC Coach of the Year (2006)

Jay Wright is a big believer in developing an attitude for his teams at Villanova. His practices, especially the early-season, tone-setting practices, are a great example of this attitude and how he has instilled it into his Wildcat teams. In this DVD, Coach Wright will take you through an entire practice early in the season. Like all top-notch coaches, his practice is organized, energized, positive and enthusiastic. To emphasize the importance of shooting, all players work on a set-lift shooting technique prior to practice. After a quick 5-10 minute huddle at mid-court, a 30 minute segment includes 7 minutes of stretching, 4 minutes of passing, 9 minutes of shooting, 4 minutes of footwork, and 4 minutes of ball handling. This half-hour shows Wright's commitment to solid technique and fundamentals, which are part of every practice. Next are a series of small group drills with offensive and defensive emphasis. Drills include post feeds, lay-up drill, one two-step jumpers, jab series, and the lefty drill. Players are pushed and hard work is expected from the ever-positive Wildcat staff. Wright stresses communication between players and staff, which allows a strong bond to be built. Wright preaches good habits and a positive approach as he motivates his teams to elite status year in and year out. This practice showcases Villanova's philosophy with fundamentals, individual and team drills, and full-court play. Wright shows his coaching style by constantly praising and teaching his players during practice. An intense scrimmage puts it all together as practice concludes with "Win the Game", a team building free throw drill. Jay Wright's practice session combines all the ingredients needed for building a championship team every year!

97 minutes. 2006.

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