Jason Woodman's Run Pass Option 3-Pack

Jason Woodman's Run Pass Option 3-Pack
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Product Description

  • Get methods for teaching your players how to see things before the play even starts with defensive identification blueprints
  • Learn to identify & block the five most dangerous men at the point of attack, as well as aiming points & footwork for offensive linemen
  • Implement efficient short yardage passes to pick up more first downs

with Jason Woodman,
Fairmont State University Head Coach;
led Fairmont State to the 2016 NCAA DII Playoffs

Settle in for almost two hours of content detailing the hottest play concept of the last decade: the run pass option! Jason Woodman dissects every element of RPOs to show you how to stress defenses, attack specific areas at all levels of the field, and simplify play calling strategy to allow players to play fast and explosive.

This video is "defense school" for offense. The first part is an overview description of defensive football theory. Coach Woodman outlines how various defensive formations are set up to defend run gaps and passing zones in zone coverage. With that knowledge, he shows you how to attack where your opponent cannot defend.

A large portion of the video is focused on helping build a smarter QB who understands basic defense, run fits, and pass keys. Woodman shows how to prep QBs on the decision making process: game planning to know area of attacking, capitalizing on the rhythm of the game and confirming personnel packages in the game. You'll get clear formation breakdowns for:

  • Runs: inside zone, outside zone, draw
  • Throws: bubbles, slants, hitches, and outs

Defenders in Conflict

Secondary defenders have run gap responsibilities and pass coverage responsibilities. Learn how to teach QBs, receivers, and running backs how to recognize defensive formations and which decisions should follow.

With an RPO, your quarterback will react to how the defense reacts to play flow, leaving you the option to run or pass based on the action of the defender.

Coach Woodman teaches you how to attack:

  • The backside of a play
  • The frontside of a play
  • Blitzes
  • One high safety or two high safeties
  • Specific players

Complex or Easy: You Choose

The beauty of this video is the sheer amount of film footage of this concept that will allow you to see and understand the basic elements that go into a successful RPO. To reinforce fully, Coach Woodman shares his keys to success, which include:

  • Understanding the defense and defensive theory
  • Coaching sound QB decision making
  • Knowing your personnel

The future of football is here, and it's the Run Pass Option. Coach Woodman calls it 'the triple option in space' for good reason - the threats to the defense are simply too much to handle when executed correctly. Game day will never be the same and your opponent won't know what hit them when you use the concepts contained in this fantastic video!

107 minutes. 2018.

with Jason Woodman,
Fairmont State University Head Coach;
led Fairmont State to the 2016 NCAA DII Playoffs

featuring Ryan Schleusner,
Fairmont State University Assistant Head Coach / Offensive Line Coach;
former University of Missouri Offensive Lineman

Whether you run the ball to open up the pass or pass the ball to open up the run, no offense is complete without the ability to grind out yards on the ground. It's football at its most basic, fundamental level. With Ryan Schleusner's help, this video will teach you the keys to establishing a dominant run game capable of big gains on any given play.

Using a PowerPoint and game video, Schleusner breaks down his team's inside zone, outside zone and the ever-deadly draw play to create dominant offensive football. You'll learn how to use different formations to create different looks for the defense while still keeping the zone game simple.

Offensive Line Footwork

Beginning with the inside zone run, Schleusner illustrates how footwork plays an important part in a successful zone run. The offensive line requires a two foot split to keep consistency in the run offense. Coach Schleusner details first step footwork, to how to adjust on the fly when a lineman might see s

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